What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About House Organization5 min read


The mess does not seem to stop! I can see it everywhere I turn my eyes around, in my bedroom, living room, kitchen and all around. It is mess that loves to be masked in a useful objects, but in reality, it is not. Yet do not be upset, there are many ways to manage with it and make a clutter-free space in your home! Feeling lost and do not know where to start ? Here are some ways to help you create a more inviting and creative space around you.

  • Start with the Bedroom in the morning

The main use of this room is for sleep and to put your clothes and private stuff there. So why we keep on putting more and more unwanted and unnecessarily stuff there in this space. Putting more and more furniture in this place making you hang your clothes on it, putting your stuff here and there instead of putting them in the closet.

Now one of the out of sight places we usually forget to get our unwanted stuff there is under the bed, where you can easily hide a lot of stuff like seasonal places, papers, books, and stuff that seems do not really seem to have a place.

A great plan to do every year is to get rid of these unwanted stuff, like see if you find there is items in which you did not need in the past year, then I think it is the time to say goodbye for it, and offer this space for other stuff to be there.

Use bins also it is great for storing things, putting them in the closet so you can offer more space.


  • The Entry Hall is the main place

For me it is like the most surrounding places in the house, everyone seems to enter and leave their stuff all at one. Shoes seems to be left there and never seem to put away, everything seem to be out of control with the idea and the anticipating of putting it away later. Even if you have a closet there, but there is always an extra space, especially with the changing of seasons and the accessories like bags and umbrellas and other stuff. Further idea is to use a storage next to it where you can put extra shoes, bags, umbrellas and other stuff. Make this space inviting so that everyone would like to use it, less clutter on the floor would make a welcoming entrance which you will appreciate it the moment you come home.

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