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Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol3 min read

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol consumption is one of the dangerous habits. It leads to many problems physically, mentally, psychologically, and even socially. Not to mention, it is a curse, and Harvard School even calls it “both a tonic and a poison” depending on dose. In this article, you will learn the top disadvantages of drinking alcohol, but first, let us know what is alcohol.

In chemistry, alcohol is called ethanol, and it is the chemical type used in drinks.

  • Your body will not support you

After one shot or more, your body will not be under your control, which causes various problems, like getting out of control or behaving in a socially unacceptable manner.

  • Alcohol is a good trick to depression-related brain chemistry but temporarily

Alcohol Withdrawal

People who already suffer from depression or anxiety are twice as likely to drink excessively or to have drinking problems, and this often leads to death.

  • Work and family problems, phobias, and maybe hallucinations

Heavy drinkers often drink alcohol like 20 times per day, and this leads to problems with their families and friends. Furthermore, it sometimes causes phobias, like being afraid of going outside and having deep depression. Unfortunately, when heavy drinkers stop drinking, they will have hallucinations and delusions, and this kind of health conditions is known as “delirium tremens”.

  • Skin problems

Drinkers often complain about their pale, grey or yellowish skin, which happens every time they drink. According to Nina Goad of the British Association of Dermatologists, “Alcohol dehydrates your body generally, including the skin, which is your body’s largest organ. This happens every time you drink”.

  • It causes facial redness and eyes swollen

Drinking too much alcohol causes the capillaries in the face to widen, making more blood enter the tiny vessels of the face. This is often a facial characteristic of heavy drinkers.

  • Physically it is harmful to the body quantity

Liver diseases, brain diseases and heart problems are caused by drinking alcohol.

  • Alcohol may leads to breast cancer

Alcohol may increase the chance of developing breast cancer, like in 100 if the woman drinks it twice a day, while drinking it three times, the chance will be increased to 13 in 100.

  • Weight gain

Unless you are aware of the amount of the calories you take from it, drinking alcohol may lead you to gain weight, because each 5-ounce-serving of red wine, for example, contains 125 calories, so it supplies more than 6% of your daily diet. Thus, calories, protein and other nutrients are more likely stored as fat.

  • Alcohol will affect your sleep

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Many people think that drinking alcohol will put them to sleep, while it is totally the opposite, because drinking it makes people lose the quality and the duration of their sleep. Many reports have assured situations of disturbing sleep and nightmares, which in turn lead to unsuccessful daily activities.

  • Alcohol and type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a common metabolic disease, and it is known by unusually high blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes is caused by reduced uptake of glucose by cells. Hence, drinking alcohol with meals may cut the rise in blood sugar by 16-37% compared to water. Blood sugar between meals may also go down.

All in all, moderation is good, and excessiveness is harmful, and alcohol is not an exception. Let alone, alcohol abuse in some places is regarded a crime that is punishable by law, and in some cases, it might lead to fatalities and potential diseases that you are better off without. Drink safe drinks, and keep in mind that alcohol abuse might expose everyone in front of you to sheer the danger.

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