14 Unbelievable Ways to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home4 min read


Getting a new apartment is a very exciting thing! Psychologists maintain that a new place always has a new different effect on our psyche. However, it needs to be comfortable for you in order to feel like it is your lovely home. Laura Cattano, a professional organizer in NYC, said in an email to Bustle, “It is natural to not feel at home at first in a new apartment—especially in a boring white box apartment with
no personality, or one that has details and finishes that aren’t your style” . In our article, we suggest some of the best tips in order to make your new apartment feel like home.

  • Do a deep clean

Before doing any decoration, start with a deep cleaning. “This gives you a fresh start both literally and figuratively”, said Jen Jankowski. Moreover, cleaning may help you start to know every single thing in your new apartment.

  • Painting is essential

Painting your walls is really interesting, cheap and easy. It can immediately change the whole sense of the place! paint the place with the colors which give you comfort and pleasure, because colors have a huge effect on the body and the spirit.

  • Buy real furniture

Having plastic furniture might be tempting since “you are just renting”. However, it is much better to have real furniture, because you can move them wherever you go, and they still have all of your memories and the things you have been through.

  • Pay attention to lighting

Jankowski once said, “The right lighting scheme turns a drab place into an intimate and cozy one, so it should be one of the first things you tackle when you move in—after setting up all the necessities, of course.” If you are a moody person, lighting has a great influence on your psyche. It can make the atmosphere calmer and less disturbing.

  • Choose a signature scent

The scent is strongly linked to memories, so if you want to make space feel cozy and relaxing, try to mimic the smells of home. Create your own signature scent through putting a candle, incense or room spray everywhere. As recommends, “Having a signature scent will make your entire space feel more cohesive and connected.” You will also feel the same.

  • Bring some sentimental items

Things like an ancient musical instrument, old photos of some places or people you love and a beautiful carpet your mom once knitted when you were a little kid can make the place a mere lovely representation of who you are or what your belongings are. They have this sentimental value, which eventually connects with you in a very lovely way.

  • Cook for yourself a meal

You might be feeling a little confused concerning where to begin when settling into your new space, then consider making the kitchen a priority. It makes such a difference emotionally when you prepare your favorite meal in your new place.

  • Get your privacy

Windows should not stay bare for too long, because curtains according to can make not only your decorations more tied all together, but also they can make your space feel “done”, super cozy and private. Harmony would overcome the whole space reaching you.

  • Get rid of extra junk

It feels really better when unneeded and unnecessary stuff are tucked away. Having sensed that great balance of what is ‘out’ versus what is ‘away’ is a key factor to make a space as your own. It is a pretty magic that happens to us when we do so.

  • Time is on your side

It is believed that charming homes are undoubtedly a product of either a lot of money or a lot of time. You are probably not rich in the former, but you are certainly rich in the latter. In addition, you have got a lifetime ahead of you, so you will always find adorable things that make you feel at home. Try to avoid pressure, and just relax.

  • Think about the big picture

When you choose your outfit; you absolutely start with the basics, and the accessories come next. We mean by the basics in the apartment “the very fundamental elements” like a sofa, a table, a carpet ..etc, whereas the accessories are the colors or the lines added to the pictures to be more vital and flourished.

  • Put some music

Music is the language of the entire universe. It speaks to our souls, and it takes us on its wings to many other worlds beyond our sight. It is the insight of all the creatures on earth. Therefore, you definitely need it while decorating your new apartment. It brings lots of entertainment, love, peace and integration while doing your work. Furthermore, it keeps you more settled and concentrated!

  • Set up your internet connection

Nothing would be more relieving than having a good connection to the whole world from your own place, so you can feel more familiar and thoughtful.

  • Make a little party

When you feel settled, why not making a party with friends, family and neighbors. It helps to combat your loneliness, and as we all know, “Sharing is caring”!

In brief, there are more other things, besides the ones mentioned in our articles, that if you do, you will make your new apartment brighter and sweeter. We hope you get settled and happy with your new apartment!

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