The Only 7 tips to Manage your Time You Will Ever Need4 min read


Time is like a Phoenix, it lives forever! Therefore, we need to be the one who is in control, who know how to steer the ruder, managing time will keep you away from stress, in other words, how to overcome your stress.

We also need our work to be done at the very accurate time, We actually should train ourselves not wasting it recklessly! well, offering you the most common advises for managing time without being stressed at all.


  • Keeping to-do List

It is very important to have a daily list of tasks since it is an essential part of  action planning. It helps you have your items updated regularly. However, it needs to be prioritized; that is, items on the list should be divided into important/not important and urgent/non-urgent. Some of its advantages are:

  • Your brain would be focusing on the important objectives.
  • You would be more likely to remember what your tasks are.
  • It helps you order your thoughts.
  • You would be more able to see the bigger picture.
  • You would be more in control of your daily-life.
  • You would always have something to work on.
  • You would be more active.


  • Setting goals appropriately

It is very likely to have more time and more tasks done when you tend to set your own goals of everyday on a piece of paper.

It definitely helps you get your work finished way better and much faster. As it is usually said: “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” You should also have a contingency plan or alternative route to your goal in case you have got something urgent, so your plans have to be changed accordingly.


  • Prioritizing according to importance

when you differentiate between what’s necessary/unnecessary, what’s urgent/non-urgent and what can be postponed or not.

In addition, there are special occasions that you have in your personal life apart from business life; therefore, they have their own time, too.

When applying the priority rule, you should consider such factors as what time each task needs to be done, how long it might take, how important it might be to your colleagues, family members or friends and what could happen if a task is not done at all or at its accurate time.


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