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How to Stop Being Lazy

How to stop being lazy? So what it’s all about?

Are you asking yourself why am I so lazy and unmotivated?

What causes laziness?

how to fight laziness?

We all ask the same questions, and all the answers are here for you to know everything related to laziness and how to stop being lazy.

In 2013, a survey was made and published about the impact of technology on life and society in the United States.

It showed that 71 percent of the respondents felt that technology has improved the quality of life.

On the other hand, 70 percent agreed that technology creates a lazy society, 40 percent felt that technology doesn’t enhance their social life and more than 20 percent agreed that technologies doesn’t encourage creativity.

First of all, laziness takes place when you leave or temporize your duties to do something unimportant like watching TV, chatting, or goofing around online, and then blame yourself at the end of the day or when it is too late to make a change.

This could be caused by lack of motivation, responsibility, energy, etc.

To have a good life and health, you must have enough energy, motivation, and desire to manage your daily life, and to have some time for hobbies, sports, socializing and other special projects.

7 Main Causes Of Laziness

Before diving in philosophical theories about why I am so lazy, causes of laziness and how to fight it, we will give you simple and direct answers to understand the causes, determine the problem and fix it.

Therefore, Let’s start with the top 7 causes of laziness:

  • Temporization

Temporizing things and duties which must be done today to another day is the main cause of laziness as there is no need to temporize anything whether it is urgent or not.

Additionally, you may have a simple task, so you temporize it to the next day.

Then, at the next day you will have another task… and before you know it, you will have many temporized tasks with no enough time to make it happen, and the more you pile the less likely you are to get started this number of tasks.

Temporization will make things harder and entertain laziness.

  • Distraction

If you are thinking of things different than what you are doing, then you are distracted.

Moreover, it is so hard to complete your task when you are thinking of something else.

You know what is the most distracting things?

Yes, it is social media Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Whenever you are doing a task, you may get disturbed by a talkative friend, news or events.

Therefore, most companies and employers today prevent their employees from using their personal social media accounts in the workplace.

So, even when you are doing a simple tasks, switch off all sources of distraction and focus on how much you could achieve by using your time effectively.

  • Lack of sleep

benefits of not masturabating

Chatting on social media, watching movies, posting, surfing the internet, texting, etc…

All the day and night are only done by people who follow unplanned and totally careless lifestyles.

Additionally, most active people on social media confess that they don’t notice how many hours pass when they are working on internet without noticing.

As a result, staying awake all night chatting and  seeing what the others are doing will prevent you from doing what really matters for you.

You will also have to wake up early to go to your work and spend a bad day of laziness and inability to do your work.

  • Poor Nutrition

Your food and drinks can determine the energy levels of your body and the brain activity.

If you eat a well balanced diet, you will be providing your body with the needed fuel to perform and work; however, eating unbalanced diet without enough nutrients and vitamins will make you so weak and lazy.

In this case even small tasks can be very exhausting to you.

  • Lack of Motivation

Beside sleeping and eating balanced diet, motivation is a main factor in our life.

Having a motivation will helps you to do your tasks in while you enjoy your time.

As a result, if you love your job then you will have enough motivation to do it well and on schedule.

On the other hand, if you are not motivated to do something, you will find many reasons to procrastinate.

  • Irresponsibility

Usually, irresponsible people are the laziest ones, so you see them depend on others to do simple things just to not do it by themselves.

Having everything done for you is the main reason for being lazy and disabled.

  • Being overwhelmed

Being overwhelmed with tasks and duties makes your brain confused, so it slows down.

In this case, your brain gives you signs that you cannot finish on time, so you don’t see a reason to even start hence entertaining the idea of laziness.

How to Stop Being Lazy

Being lazy is a very bad habit, actually it is an unhealthy way to live your life.

Unfortunately, it is so easy to fall into this trap if you are unmotivated, and it is very hard to get out before it is too late.

So if you feel that you are a lazy guy, try these tips to fight laziness and start being more productive

  • Get enough Sleep

Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day and try to get on a regular sleep cycle to get enough energy and power to start your day.

  • Wash your face

When you wake up, wash your face and drink a cup of coffee or lemon juice to freshen up your morning.

  • Doing exercises everyday

Even walking for 15 minutes daily can provide you with natural energy and improve your mood by releasing endorphins.

  • Watch out your Diet

Taking enough amount of vegetables, fruits and healthy foods to get enough energy for the whole day.

Additionally, avoid the excess junk food,eat 3 meals everyday, and eat healthy snacks (like milk and fruits) when you feel hungry in between meals.

  • keep your home and office tidy and clean

If the place or office around you is clean and well-lighted, it can help you to be more motivated and productive.

  • Take a shower every now and then

If washing your face is not enough to make you fully wake up, try to take a shower at early morning. It will surely works.

  • Start your day with positive self talk

Talk with yourself positively, and encourage yourself to do all your duties and tasks on time.

  • Surround yourself with Productive Positive people

You are usually affected by the people around you, the whole environment, so always surround yourself with successful and motivated persons.

  • Talk about your goals and plans

Talk with others about your ideas, goals and plans, so when they see you again they will ask you about how things are going with those goals. that will motivate you to make new progresses.

  • Stop Complaining

Nothing is easy or perfect, so don’t keep complaining and just do your best.

  • Make a list

Make a list to prioritize your tasks, divide them into “have-to’s,” “need-to’s” and “get-to’s”.

This division will help you to see what is most important and prioritize things.

  • Listen to fast-paced music

how does music affect your mood

Why do I say this?

How does Music Affect your Mood?

Listen to fast-paced music and do some dancing steps to motivate your muscles and set up a positive tone to your day.

  • Pick up your projects carefully

Don’t commit to many tasks at the same time then find yourself lost among them, but pick your projects carefully after considering the time and efforts needed to accomplish each.

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