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The Watermelon Diet… Try It Today5 min read


Honestly, the watermelon diet is not a diet which all doctors recommend and prescribe to their patients, as eating watermelon only does not provide the body with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

However, including big quantities of watermelon in your daily diet can promote losing weight easily in a short time.

eating this delicious fruit can help your body lose weight by curbing your appetite


In general, every half-cup serving of watermelon consists of 92% water and 2 g of fiber, so eating this delicious fruit can help your body lose weight by curbing your appetite, flushing out toxins and improving your digestive system. The same results can be gained by drinking a lot of water, but watermelon requires more the act of chewing and swallowing which can trick your brain and help you feel as if you ate more calories than you actually did.

Moreover, it also contains natural sugar to help curb the sweet tooth, and some fiber to feel full for a longer period of time, so you avoid overeating. I guess this makes it a better choice compared to water diet, right?


Value of watermelons for fresh market in the United States

watermelon diet

A statistic was made in the United States shows how the production value of watermelons for fresh market amounted from 2000 to 2015. According to this report, U.S. production of watermelons for fresh market amounted to approximately 483 million U.S. dollars in 2015.


How is watermelon diet supposed to work?

There is no certain version of the watermelon diet, as each group explains the diet according to its own rules.

In this article we will provide you with the most popular 2 watermelon diets, so continue reading the article to know more about them:


First watermelon diet:

One of the well-known watermelon diets requires following a short but strict deprivation period where you don’t eat anything except watermelon for a short time, then you return to your regular diet.

During the first stage, you must eat only watermelon and drink water for approximately three days. The exact amount is not determined, but dieters are recommended to eat three large watermelons of 20 pounds each in the three-day period.

After ending the first stage, some people go back to their normal diet, while others begin to gradually add back other foods to their diet.

For example, some dieters begin by eating one meal and watermelon, while others prefer to move directly to eating two meals each day and snack on watermelon in between.


Experts’ opinion

it can help you lose weight, because it contains over 90% water

Recently, watermelon diet has been trending, so many experts talked about it and gave their opinions to others.

Jessica Marcus, a famous nutrition director at Nourish Snacks, says that many people prefer this diet, because it focuses on a kind of food which they like, they can eat unlimited quantity of it, and the diet doesn’t require a long period commitment.

Marcus also declares that the watermelon diet is really more than just a way to cleanse your body. She believes that it can help you lose weight, because it contains over 90% water, it is a low-calorie fruit and it provides the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it keeps the body hydrated and refreshed.


The potential risks

Certain diets, including watermelon diet, don’t provide our body with any dietary source of protein. Thence, watermelon diet is not recommended at all for children, pregnant woman, or anyone with compromised immune system.

We should remind you that if you lose some weight, but then you fall into your old habits, you will regain all the lost weight.

Actually,  doctors won’t recommend such a diet, but if you’re generally healthy, you will have enough power to follow it since it lasts for a few days.


Second watermelon diet

This diet is recommended particularly for long- term diets.

Watermelon is good for you for many reasons, mainly for having many nutritional benefits and providing a good deal of water as well.

Accordingly, this watermelon diet is suggested to replace certain amounts of your everyday meals without completely eliminating the source of protein.

This diet is recommended particularly for long- term diets.



Begin with replacing all sugary fruit juices and soda with watermelon and water, and consume watermelon as a snack between your meals.


You can use the following tips:

watermelon drink contains less than 50 calories which is much less than the orange juice or Pepsi

Prepare half a cup containing small pieces of watermelon and freeze them. Later on, put these pieces in a glass of water and drink it (in this case, watermelon will replace the ice cubes and give your water a flavor).

You can eat some watermelon as a snack and drink the water.

Notice that this watermelon drink contains less than 50 calories which is much less than the orange juice or Pepsi.



Gradually, reduce the food in your meal and add big amounts of watermelon to your typical plates. In this way, you will eat the same amount of food or even more, but the content of your plate will be watermelon with the food. You will reduce the calories, lose weight, avoid feeling extra hungry and trick yourself by thinking you are eating the same amount as before.

In a big plate, put a couple servings of watermelon and a small amount of your food.

You can eat more watermelon if you are still hungry to reduce your calories without deprivation.



Obviously, watermelon contains a variety of vitamins and minerals which are healthy and beneficial. It also contains 8% sugar, which makes it a delicious dessert.

Replace the cake or the ice cream with a slice or two of watermelon.

Try the watermelon diet today…

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