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The Secret Ingredients of a Strong Mind3 min read


Aside from the circumstances around us, we sometimes need for the hero inside ourselves to show up and be with us, and that hero is no one but ourselves. We have always valued the heroes across the ages, because they embrace and embody the characteristics we have always wanted. Heroes break our daily life routines and our beliefs of the impossibility. They take us from our boring existence and put us in a world full with possibilities.

Defining a strong mind, I would say it is the capacity and power to face the challenges, it is the means and resources of having the mental skills and capacity to face all kinds of troubles and difficulties.

A strong-minded person is comprised of several qualities and attitudes:

1.Talk back to myself and to doubts

Always embrace yourself with the positive answers

Whatever you are willing to do, whether passing an exam or climbing a hill, you will always ask yourself this question “can I do it?” and the next is just what you think will happen. Always embrace yourself with the positive answers like” I will always do it rightly”, “I will achieve the goal no matter what”, just talking to yourself in this way, this words or the language you are using will be sending signs into your brain and into the outer universe.

2.Get uncomfortable

Do a yoga pose more than a five seconds or the time it is required, always do any exercise you are doing with an extra time, always challenge yourself, and overtime the challenging yourself will be a habit of you.

3.Find the people who push you beyond your limits

Always stay with those people, they will always bring the creative side out of you and open up your mind into a more challenging goals and situations.

4.Do the things that you hate

Always push yourself to the limit

In avoiding  things that we hate to do, we are saying in other words to ourselves that we are bad it so why we do it at the first place?, but always challenge yourself of doing it because it is just the fact that “you can do it”. It helps you feeling more comfortable because it push you out of your limits and improve to yourself that you can do anything.

5.Emotional intelligence and self understanding

You cannot have a mindfulness and a strong will to emrace it without you have the emotional intelligence, the understanding of yourself and the others, knowing how to develop your relationships and how to encounter with people.

6.Being positive

Meditation helps you improve your mind

Smart people always know how to ease every situation or trap they get in and their attitude is just positive and calm, they are really amazing, and even if the encounter is a negative feelings they encounter their bias and reform it into a positive ones. For every one singled negative emotion, it takes a five positive thoughts from the brain to defeat its effects.

Those elements are not only for the heroes, they are for us too, we… you and me.. who are struggling always. Being strong is not just with muscles and physical strong form, but by the spirit and the mind. Making the habit of defeating the challenges and always get surprise yourself of what you can do more and more is a lifetime journey and it deserves to be part of your true identity. Just remember always to stay strong.

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