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In one way or another, money is not the mean as it is the tool, in one way or another, throughout our lives. Money affords many opportunities whether it is big or small, it can do a lot of things for you! The strongest relation between money and the well being is that it can offers for you time through services.


But the question is that

Is time what adds joy and fulfillment to our life? Is experiences what adds fulfillment to us ?

Is that the whole story?

I would argue here that the quality of our time and its importance is not by the long hours we have nothing to do it, or by enjoying doing nothing ! But by how we are using those hours and having benefits of our time instead of wasting it thinking about nonsense and what will happen tomorrow.


Although time is indeed bounded, but with giving it a power attention, it can be concentrated to expand to what most people think and getting out with the same quantity.


Unfortunately, this seems to be harder than we think.

The world in its being is already designed against you !!

The biggest enigma of our lifetime now is that while the capacity to empower our attention is becoming increasingly precious, the world around us is functioning to steal away as much of it as possible.

The internet and the technology companies that are built on it have democratized chances. It is not appropriate to disagree that the net effects on these innovations is not positive.

Now companies like Facebook or Google are not inventing products anymore, rather they are building a whole natural system, and the most successful way to legalize this, is by engagement. It is by their designing for this, they are building it it features to distract our attention as much as possible.


Tristan Harris, a former Design Ethicist at Google, shared with us how designers create product works that manipulate our mental impulses.

They can find a trick spots in our perceptions and work on it to influence our behavior without us noticing. Every notification you receive, and every email and every website you check is carefully created and designed to ensure that you increase the time you are engaged with company’s products.

Today, we need our minds to wake up more than anytime else, and fortunately, there are ways to get it. Here are 3 methods that we can apply to improve our life quality:

  • Mindfulness Meditation

In the Buddhist tradition and the modern psychotherapy training, meditation is used to improve mindfulness as ways of being unconditionally present. The technique is by sitting in a calm space with your eyes closed focusing and observing what is happening inside of your mind and your body. It is used to expand imagination, lessen the stress, relaxation and detachment from distractions.

The practice is simply focused on breath, your breath, breath in and out and focus on keep your attention just on that. The point is not oblige yourself to remove any mental activity, it is just by observing it without detachment and letting it go.

This will be far easier by time, like you are going to pay attention on one thing in your surroundings while exercise the other simply. By this technique, your mind is going to develop a sense of control over your attention. More studies are in their ways to show notable results about that.

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