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The Greatest 5 Methods of How to Stay Awake in Class!4 min read


It is hard to keep your mind awake and your eyes open during class, isn’t it?  most of us have suffered from this kind of dilemma; however, it is normal. The teacher standing in front of you asking about a certain subject and you just keep staring absent-minded! What do we have to do to stay awake in the class? In our article, we have got a bunch of ways to keep your brain focused and freshen during class.

1. Take a shower before class.

The water pouring out over your face, hair and body would be enough to wake you right up

It is not necessarily a cold shower! The water pouring out over your face, hair and body would be enough to wake you right up. Moreover, you can add a morning face wash or something with a strong mint scent, for instance.

2. Bring a nice cold drink.

Drinking water is more preferable, but if you are one of those people who cannot live without your morning coffee or tea, try getting it iced. Since coldness will wake you up and freshen up your blood cells, it is highly recommended. You are going to feel more alert and more concentrated!

3. Chew gum.

a gum can makes you relaxed and focused

Trying to chew a mint or cinnamon flavored gum would definitely make you feel better and a little relaxed since the flavors will make you more attentive. In addition, if you chew the same flavor during a test you are more likely to remember it.

4. Participate in Class

Interaction is a great method to keep your mind settled

• Sit in the front of the room.

When you know that the teacher can see you, you would be more motivated to stay awake. Plus, that would be much easier to pay more attention so that you participate very well. Interaction is a great method to keep your mind settled; furthermore, the sound of your colleagues’ voices might be a reason to keep you awake.
• Listen actively to the lesson.

Active listening is an awesome way to be obliged to stay awake as it requires the engagement of both your mind as well as your body. Even without taking notes, only practicing active listening can be of great help you keep your eyes open for the length of the lesson.
• Interact with your classmates.
Being engaged in a good conversation, a group discussion and contributing to meaningful points are very good means in order to keep focused and active in class. Try to sit yourself near people who always volunteer in class and who are really thoughtful.
• Take detailed notes.

active writing can totally make you sharper

The act of writing when it cooperates with listening; it gives the required results. You can use different highlighters and pens for various sections; plus, switching colors occasionally can keep your mind alert.

5. Take Care of Your Body.

enough hours of sleep is essential for your body

• Sleep for at least 8 hours each night.
Getting enough sleep is the best way to make sure you stay awake in class. For most students, 8 hours is enough sleep to make them capable of getting through the day and tackling with many issues; however, you probably need more depending on your energy levels. Plus, if you go to bed at the same time every night, you will get your body trained to know when it should be sleeping and when it needs to be awake.
• Sit up straight and stretch in your chair.
A good posture can absolutely keep your mind awake and your body alert. Moreover, stretching a little in your chair during the class helps you feel more refreshed and alive.
• Walk around before or after class.
Physical activity is very effective since it conveys a message to your body that it is not time for sleep just yet. Walking around during breaks, going outside if allowed to will get your blood rushing in order to improve alertness. After you stop moving, you might feel a little tired again, yet it is still very helpful for you to stay a little bit active.

To conclude, there are still many ways to stay awake in class and those are some of them. As long as you want, you undoubtedly can!

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