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The Best Ways to Experience Meditation6 min read


The goal of meditation is to reach a high level of awareness, intense mindfulness, presence, and focus. No matter what is around you or what the environment is, you still can practice meditation, allowing yourself to access a sense of tranquility and peace. By this article am going to introduce you to the basic tips in meditation and letting you stat tour journey of enlightenment and awareness.

Preparing for meditation

Here are some important tips you have to follow when you start your meditation journey;

1.Choose a peaceful environment

You can choose nature, sit under a tree or sitting on the grass.


Meditation should be practiced somewhere calm without noise or disturbance, this will help you to focus and pay more attention. Try not to choose a place where there is a bad effect on you, whether your meditation takes  10 minutes or an hours. As long as your place is private and calm.

Now for beginners it is very important to avoid any external disturbance, turn off your phone and TV, choose a gentle music to not break your connection. In other words, the place does not have to be so silent, as the sound of neighbors’ dog does not have to affect you, the fact is that you will listen to them but not let them affect you by letting them go.

You can choose nature, sit under a tree or sitting on the grass.

2.Wear comfortable clothes

Try to avoid uncomfortable clothes, try to wear loose clothing during meditation practice and make sure to remove your shoes.

Wear something that warm you if you practice in a cold place, in order not to cut your practice.

If you are in a place that you cannot take off your clothes in, then just make yourself comfortable as much as you can.

3.Decide how long you want to mediate

Try to practice every day at the same time

Before starting your practice, decide how much you want to mediate, teachers recommend a 20 minutes twice a day, while beginners can practice for five minutes once a day. Try to practice every day at the same time whether is it 15 minutes or an hour.

Once you have decided to make a time frame, just stick to it, even if it does not work from the first time, just do not give up and keep trying.

Do not think too much about time and when it is going to end, and do not set an alarm for a sudden sound, alert your practice to end with a certain event like when the sun hit a certain spot on the wall.

4.Sit in a comfortable position

Finding the best position is an essential part of the whole practice. Whether sitting on a ground or on a chair, choose a position that will get you balanced and straight, it does not matter if you cross your legs or not, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and this will let your spine support you all your weight from the waist up. Whenever you feel tension just relax the area, check the alignment of your posture and seek to re-balance the area.

The traditional hand placement is to rest your hands on your knees, put them aside freely, or just put your right hand on top of the left, with your face upward and your back stretched.

5.Close your eyes

The traditional hand placement position

Meditation is performed with your eyes closed or open, however, for beginners it is better to practice it with closed eyes to avoid any visual distraction.

Once you begin to be grown in meditation, you can practice it with your eyes opened. If you find yourself falling asleep or visualizing disturbed mental images.

However, by opening your eyes, do not focus intensely on something just keep your eyes soft. And you do not want to go into a trance-like state, your goal is calmness and relaxation.

6.Follow your breath

The most basic and universal thing in all meditations is the BREATH. It is a great place to start from, pick a certain spot above your navel and put your concentration on it while you are breathing, become aware of your abdomen rising and falling while breathing, do not make an effort to change your breath.. just breath normally and let it go. Just know your breath and be aware of it.

Some mental images might help you a lot, like imaging that you are inhaling a blur breath and exhaling a black one to ease and throw all your negative feeling, or a lotus flower sitting in your belly and it is unfurling its petals every time you inhale.

7.Clear your mind

As a beginner you can focus on one object or visualize one thing, more advanced ones try to clear your minds completely.

8.Repeat a certain mantra

Mantra meditation is another common form of the traditional meditation. It involve repeating a certain sound, word, or phrase that can silence the mind and introduce into a deeper condition.

You can choose words like peace, calm, silence. Or a traditional mantra like “om” which symbolizes omnipresent consciousness.

The word mantra means ” the instrument of the mind”, it is an instrument which creates vibrations in the mind and though takes you into a deeper state of consciousness.

Allow the mantra to whisper into your mind, and do not pay attention if your mind wonders, it is just normal, just focus and re-repeat the word. As you enter the level of awareness and consciousness, you no longer need the mantra you can stop repeating it.

9.Do a body scan

Relax your body part by part

It is a simple meditation practice, by focusing on each part of your body allowing it to be relaxed by giving it energy. Just close your eyes and pick a spot from your body, start from your toes, concentrate on it whatever the sensation it and make a conscious effort to relax the spot. Once the toes are fully relaxed, move on to the next spot upwardly repeating the same method of relaxation on every part of your body.

Once you are done with the relaxation process and scan, focus on your body as a whole unity and enjoy the sensation of calmness and looseness.

Before getting out from your meditation, focus on your breath for a several minutes.

More tips;

practice meditation in your everyday life.

Follow a healthy lifestyle.

Read spiritual books.

Take a guided meditation class.

Practice meditation everyday at the same time.

And always remember, meditation is a journey to reach a higher consciousness dimension referred to as BEING.


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