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The best way to learn Japanese: 5 Tips to Learn Japanese Without a Teacher4 min read


Nobody can deny the fact that learning other foreign languages is not an easy task. Learning a new language and knowing how to speak in another tongue are very hard, but if you have a strong will you must stop thinking about the hardness and look at the benefits. The same is applied on learning Japanese, as here we will see some tips about the best way to learn Japanese.

At the first look, everything seems as a locked door which needs a specific key to open and enjoy what it contains. If you wanna learn Japanese, then this article “The best way to learn Japanese” will give you the most helpful keys to improve yourself faster.

First of all, you need to understand that conjunction is the magic word that will make you the best. You have to combine all provided tools together to get the desired results. Merge vocabulary, grammar, speaking practices all with your everyday habits and you be super surprised.  

Why Japanese?

To be a polyglot is great and very useful especially for your practical life. But Japanese seems to be one of the most complicated languages in the world, so why would I like to read about the best way to learn Japanese?

According to some neuro-scientists, learning the eastern languages like Chinese and Japanese help you use the other side of your brain which would make you smarter.

Additionally, if you are interested in Japan, the Japanese people, traditions and achievements, knowing the language will make it easier for you and enjoyable as well.

Third, you don’t know about the future, you may need to travel for work or just to connect with somebody there for business. Japanese language sounds new and its calligraphy is nice. Also the grammar and pronouncing is quite simple.  

Best way to learn Japanese

To learn Japanese faster than ever, you have to follow these 5 tips:

1- Learn The Basics:

don’t to move another level until you become ready.


Try to start with the four Japanese writing systems from the level zero, because each of them has its own importance. Japanese has 46 sounds vowels and consonants, so you have to practice their pronouncing in hiragana and katakana. Also it would be useful at the first part of your study to learn the variations on the basic sounds. In Japanese different sound gives different meaning, so you should focus and don’t to move another level until you become ready.

A few basic grammars would help you to start understanding the language.


2- Get Help from Available Guides

You must use some guides to help in your studying journey. Try listening to audio records in order to improve your language and fasten your learning.

Try watching and listening to songs, anime or movies with Japanese subtitles.

Classes also would be a great option, because you and  others would encourage each others to complete your learning trip and share some tips.


3- Participate in Japanese conversations

a Tori

To improve your language, you must immerse yourself among Japanese conversation groups to listen and speak more and better. Connect with Japanese people through social media or language learning applications. Practicing the language and dealing with natives gives you the best pronouncing and the right grammar.  


4- Use the Japanese Language within your everyday habits:

Luck symbol in Japanese

What about greeting others in Japanese?

Sounds weird? right.

Actually, as practicing is the best way to enhance your language, try using it when you greet others, ask about the time and the everyday questions like how are you and where were you. Try saying those in Japanese to practice more?

Speak a lot at home with yourself and record then listen carefully. Check the pronouncing and the grammar to avoid repeating mistakes.


5- Give it some Time

A Japanese Writing

Of course, you will say I don’t have enough time to learn. Actually, there are two secrets for learning fast.

First, love what you are learning, so you see it as an enjoyable activity.

Second, look to the goals and not to the needed time.

Eventually, we all waste our time doing bad habits, like sleeping a lot, chatting on social media, spending long time playing video games, etc. I guess it is time to think more and give ourselves a new goal. For me, I will follow the above best ways to learn Japanese.


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