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The Best Basic Ways of How to Get Rid of Mosquitos!4 min read


Although mosquitoes are very small and tiny creatures,but they can ruin the whole atmosphere. They can actually cause several dangerous and fatal diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. The market is full of several chemical-laden mosquito repellents, which can free your surroundings, but at the same time, they have negative effects on the In this article, we offer you a bunch of ways of how to get rid of mosquitos!

mosquitoes can actually cause several dangerous and fatal diseases


1. Keeping Mosquitoes Away from Your Skin.

• Slap them with a swatter.
It is very necessary to get a mosquito swatter,which made of a thicker metal or plastic than a regular fly swatter mounted on the end of a springy wire, since it facilitates the process of getting rid of mosquitoes.

• Wear chemical mosquito repellent.

It is considered to be the second best way to get rid of mosquitoes

Using an insect repellent either on uncovered skin surfaces or on your clothing when you are going out has a high importance. It is considered to be the second best way to get rid of mosquitoes hitting your body throughout the day, in particular. and dont forget to apply sunscreen before using insect repellent.

• Use an oil-based repellent.

The safety of using chemical deterrents made of combining synthetic chemicals in the laboratory has always been a matter of question. Therefore, there are several natural solutions that can be used instead. Three different kinds oil are known to be of best use to keep mosquitos away which are: Citronella oil, cinnamon oil and castor oil. Moreover, in fact, natural repellents need to be used more frequently than the chemical versions.

• Wear loose, full coverage clothing.

wear loose to prevent your self from these creatures

Wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants would be of much help to protect your skin from mosquitoes when you’re outdoors. Plus, clothing may be sprayed with repellent containing Permethrin or another EPA-registered repellent for better protection. As a result, do not use permethrin directly on your skin because it might affect you badly. Furthermore, do not use much perfume because, as we all know, mosquitos can smell it from a far.


2. Repelling Them from Your Yard.

• Use citronella products to repel them.
Mosquitoes cannot come near citronella oil. It is used for the body, yet it can also be used to protect your own plants from mosquito since it is proved to be a plant-based insect repellent and has been registered for this use in the United States since 1948. Moreover, oil of citronella is highly considered as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

• Put out a dish of soapy water.

The mosquitoes can immediately attracte to any water source

Using a dish of water with some dish soap can keep mosquitoes away for a long time; you can place it nearby if you are having your dinner outdoors, for instance. The mosquitoes will be immediately attracted to the water source; it is such a great trap since it contains soap bubbles, which swallow them easily and they drown.

• Use lighting that doesn’t attract mosquitoes.

Placing yellow LED lights around doorways, windows and porches can prevent mosquitoes from hanging around if the light is sourced from yellow LEDs, bug lights or sodium lamps.

• Use Beer Traps.

mosquitoes are attracted to those who drink beer

It is recently discovered that mosquitoes are attracted to those who drink beer. Therefore, why not placing cups filled with cheap-o lager? and looking closely into the buggy victims has proved this to be true. However, Mosquitoes will still look for you while drinking beer. It is useful, try it!

• Grow some garlic in your yard.
Eating garlic on a daily basis only to repel mosquitoes has not been scientifically proven to be of great use; however, there are some people who believe it has such great influence when used as a barrier. Although it has an awesome impact, yet you still cannot highly depend upon it as the only source of repelling the pests.

All in all, it is not that hard to get rid of mosquitos, and still there are many different detailed methods. Plus, as long as science does exist; our fears are on the way to be diminished.

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