Should I Invest in Ethereum and Is it a good Investment or not?4 min read

should I buy ethereum
Should I Invest in Ethereum

Ethereum and the Future Investment of your Money

Recently, many questions were asked about ethereum especially when its price rose up very much.

Actually, some suggest that it will be the next betcoin soon.

However, everyone is asking whether to invest in Ethereum or not?

Is it a good investment?

Where can you buy Ethereum?

These are just few questions, which we will provide you their answers in this article, so keep in touch.

Should You Invest in Ethereum?

By time, Ethereum is developing very fast and it became one of the most powerful and versatile platforms, and their is a big chance that it will overmaster Bitcoin for performing more financial transactions.

Actually, some analysts are predicting that Ether could eventually rival Bitcoin as it has better records regarding the volumes of usage and versatility.

Many Big companies like JPMorgan and Microsoft believe in Ether, which is the main reason for its high success.

However, the real question is whether or not it will become the next Bitcoin?

Let’s begin with the main reasons for investing in Ethereum.

Why You Should Invest in Ethereum?

Why i Should Invest in Ethereum
There are many reasons which encourage us to invest in Ethereum, including:

  • Future Investment

Many sites and applications use Ethereum for their financial issues which increases the demand of this currency. Hence, the increase in demand leads to a further increase in its price.

Additionally, It is obvious that Ethereum will play a crucial role in the real world commerce as a valuable platform, especially that developing Decentralized Applications is considered one of the main signs that the  demand for Ether will keep increasing.

  • Stability

Till today, Ethereum proved that it had organic growth and stable value or at least a predictable one.

Moreover, its blockchain remained in demand with all the cyber attacks and hard forking which it witnessed lately.

You can even notice that there is a hidden relation between Cryptocurrencies and networks as when more people use it, its utility and value increase.

  • Security is great with Ethereum

Ethereum is currently the most advanced smart contract enabled blockchain. Additionally, it has a “Turing complete” coding system and several mechanisms to prevent abuse.

Therefore, many see Ethereum as one of the best crop of Blockchain technologies with can actually deliver on the high expectations that people have set for Blockchain.

  • Superb Team of Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin, Dr. Gavin Wood and Joseph Lubin are the co-founders of Ethereum.

They are very talented and smart as the rest of their team.

You can really trust Ethereum team for doing what is possible to provide Ethereum with an ever- increasing price in the market.

  • A Deal Between Ethereum Foundation and Russian Development Bank

In August 2017, recent news declared that the VEB will support the new blockchain research and they will provide training for distributed ledger technology.

The results of this partnership is moving Russia forward in the Blockchain world and producing educated and trained Blockchain experts.

Should I buy Ethereum?

should I buy ethereum
Many saw Bitcoins as a bad investment in the beginning and were afraid to buy this currency.

However, they all regretted for wasting this opportunity after the increase in their price. Now, buying Ether would be a second chance for everyone, so buy them now when they cost fractions of a penny because after a short time they may worth more than gold.

However, invest wisely to avoid any surprising risks.

In short words, buy a few coins of Ether from time to time as it is showing signs of actual worth.

Do some researches, if Ether’s price complete rising up, you can keep buying them.

Will Ethereum Price Drop off the Chart?

Dropping off the chart depends on the circumstances, for example when an investor sold 30 million dollar of Ether on 21 June 2017, the price went down to $0.10 which caused big losses for many others.

Then Ether’s price is increasing again, and no one can predict exactly what will happen.

Can this happen again in the near future?

There are two main reasons which may cause a sudden decrease in Ether price which are another incident like that of Mt.

Gox‘s and the influx of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

  • Major Exchange Outage

Obviously, any panic selling can badly affect the market, and this can happen anytime due to the lacking of proper evaluation of market conditions.

So, there will always be a possibility that the exchange is hacked ( for example, Bithumb) as such hacking can cause monetary losses from compromised accounts which has just started to surface, and are quickly winning billions.

  • Initial Coin Offerings

should I buy ethereum

Don’t think that Ethereum is just a cryptocurrency as it is much more.

Ether can be considered an important platform offering decentralized services based on the blockchain and a project to assist the start-ups to raise funds through ICO.

As a result, you can notice a slight connection between the changes of Ether price and the crowdfunding closing dates.

Where to Buy Ethereum?

Many applications and sites give the opportunity for its users to buy Ether, and some of them sell Bitcoins too.

So Let’s make some investments…

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