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Think Fast! How to improve reaction time3 min read


We can say that the reaction time is the time between a stimulus and the person’s response to this stimulus.

Why we need to improve reaction time has many answers, regardless of whether you need to guarantee safe driving in poor conditions or enhance your response time in an aggressive game, chipping away at your reflexes is an extraordinary propensity to keep up for the duration of your life. It’s a fun one, as well: you can begin by simply playing mind and computer games for mental adaptability, at that point proceed onward to working your body with ball and spryness drills. You can even work with a games authority to make a specific preparing regimen. Prepare to begin inspiring companions, family and yourself with your feline like reflexes!

But achieving that goal is not difficult. All you have to do is perform some exercises that can be fun at the same time.

you can practice yourself to be faster 

You can perform a simple test with the help of a friend to see how fast you react and measure your reaction time, Ask your friend to hold a card of suitable dimensions, be 20cm long and 50cm wide, to hold it vertically up, and you have to have your hand at the bottom with your fingers aligned, then your friend to drop the card without warning, and you have to pick it up.

If you pick up the card and your fingers are at the bottom or middle of it, so your reaction time is short, and your response is fast and good.

If you pick up the card or fail to pick it up, your reaction is bad and needs to be improved.

Here are some ways to improve your reaction time:

  1. Agility drills: You can place a number of cones on the ground in spaced areas, and you must pass through them as fast as possible. Each time you perform this exercise; you can reflect the position of the cones or change their places so that no pattern is taken.

If you exercise a certain sport, this exercise helps improve your reaction time.

    2. Balance exercises: To practice this exercise you will need a yoga ball, sit on the yoga ball with one foot on the floor while the other foot is stiff and you can pass a small ball in your hands as you are.

a Yoga ball

This exercise is useful in enhancing your ability to balance, and thus reducing the time of your reaction.

     3. Eye exercises: The cause of your slow reaction may be the eye, not the body, so the practice of eye training helps greatly improve your reaction time.

You can consult an eye specialist to suggest some useful exercises.

Improving reaction time and practicing reaction time training cannot be considered a luxury, but it is a necessity. Your reaction can be one of the factors of your superiority in your work or in a particular sport, and may be the reason to save your life.

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