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What’s the real story about Pros and Cons of Social Media Platforms?

Today, social media plays a major role in life and business, and nearly most institutions and companies are using social media for marketing or considering doing so in the near future.

However, there is a lot of advantages and disadvantages of social media which need to be taken in consideration.

The number of worldwide users is increasing every day, and most statistics show that it will reach 2.95 billion by 2020 which means around a third of the population of earth.

Additionally, in 2020, 650 million and a third of a million are expected to be using the internet and social media channels from China and India respectively.

Additionally, the highest penetration rate of social networks comes from North America as approximately 40 percent of its citizen have more than one social account.

However, in USA, only 22 percent of the population had more than one social networking profile in 2016.

Whether you have one or more social media accounts, you must be asking yourself about the pros and cons of social networking.

Your answer is here, as this article justify the positive effects of social media in your life and organization, so that you remember all the advantages of social media to not miss any of its benefit.

Moreover, you can also find here some of the problems with social media which must be avoided.

but there’s a catch

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

The advantages of social media

  • Marketing with a lower cost

One of the top positive reasons to use social media is that the costs are too low as you can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other basic software for free.

Additionally, you can easily participate in social media by posting from almost any device (laptop, computer, tablet, mobile…) at any time and any place.

  • Provides lots of beneficial data

Your activities in the social channels will provide you with a lot of information and data, so you can track your progress and evaluate the impact of your posts.

Therefore, you will know the best times and types of posting which your target audience prefer.

  • Good posts spread widely

The contents posted on the social media channels will help with organic search and boost your standing with search engines.

So, if you post attractive and helpful posts, the audience will share your posts and get bigger and bigger audience.

  • Provides a close connection with potential clients

Facebook and Twitter provide more personal and intimate conversations and feed-backs than other types of communication, as it offers a deeper level of engagement with your clients’ lives.

  • Source of instant feedback

24/7 communication is offered by social media, so your clients can chat, discuss or give feedback on your organization, products, services or posts at any time.

  • It provides diverse content

One of the valuable positive effects of social media is that it can be used for customer service, business intelligence, news, messaging and so much more.

  • Huge potential audience and the possibility

Your posts on social media can reach millions in compared to other communications channels as the whole world is connected through the Internet.

Just give the right content, at the right time.

The Disadvantages of Social Media

However, there are some problems with social media, so here is a reminder of some main disadvantages of social media:

  • Social media channels consume time

Although it costs less money, it needs much time and on-going sustained effort to benefit from the successful implementation of social media.

To get the best results, it requires a significant time commitment

  • It needs your complete attention

Social media channels need a complete attention, as big losses may come as a result of your absence.

  • So manyof social media

As there are many aspects to benefit from social media channels like customer service, business intelligence, news, messaging, etc.

you cannot just use it for marketing and ignore all the others.

Therefore, you have to use it to hear your audience’s’ opinions, complaints and suggestions.

  • Changing landscape

The terms and conditions of all the popular social networks can change or disappear overnight, which can widely affect your strategy and tactics, so it have to be reviewed and changed at any time.

  • Lack of control

Unlike old style marketing which you could control, social networking can’t be controlled.

You cannot see, limit or control what is happening around you

Eventually, use all the social channels in your business, but keep your eyes on all the pros and cons of social media.

Let us know in the comments below how many platforms you actually active on and how much you spend your time on

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