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We all strive to be productive members and employees whether in teams or as plain individuals. It’s a growing interest for researchers who are trying to come up with theories and ideas to find the keys behind efficiency and productivity but to no avail.

Some theories are misleading, while others have become popular to such an extent that they became guidelines to some people. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the myths that are widespread to adjust and correct the path of productivity.


Myth: The open office

Reality: Most open office concepts are flawed from the get-go.

some employees might have hard times while dealing with work space or even in work environment

You’ve probably heard your friend or a co-worker from the seniors talk about them and even though the idea might have a light to it, it’s not verily true.

Although the hierarchy might get testy, employers struggle to find the best workstation and claim that it is the proper way for productivity, in an attempt to encourage their employees to put their best on the table.

Nevertheless, it’s not always like that, some employees might have hard times while dealing with work space or even in work environment be it what it might, especially if they’re just talked into it and getting the idea that they’re being treated as “equals”. This is why they’re trying to find something “in between” modern and traditional in a way to provide a suitable environment for their employees.


Myth: Work should or shouldn’t be quiet

Reality: Some individuals opt for complete silence.

music can improve your productivity

It all goes down to how you like it; some like vanilla, but others prefer chocolate, what difference does it make? Music is an international language that speaks to your emotions and affects the nerves of your mind.

Quartz performed an entire study on music in the workplace, proving that listening to music while working is multitasking. Some people can get more focused under sheer silence where they would listen to everything going on in their noggin, because it lets them hear with their third ear those whispers coming from inside their heads, while the Atlantic says people do better in silence.

On the other hand, music isolates the being, takes him to places an orchestra couldn’t. Music has a positive effect on the brain and might force someone into full-focus, a state that is hardly reached through meditation.

So, whether you are a music person or not, music can improve your productivity. Also, if you’re planning to get a little break or relax your nerves, listening to calm music will do this favor.


Myth: Productivity means waking up early

Reality: The early bird gets the worm, right?

Well, there might be a game for you at any given time, you might strike when least expected, it’s better to surprise your target and think outside the box. Being this stagnant or under a certain routine might not be the key to “productivity”, thus getting up early doesn’t mean there’s something there for you, it’s just best to “look sharp” when you get there, ready to take the world. As long as you’ve got everything “under control” you can manage sleep and getting up  will help you extend this to other things, because you’ve learnt the skill of “managing”!


Myth:  You’re most productive at the Office

Reality Zapier, Xerox, the U.S. Department of Transportation: Know what they all have in common


Remember when you could wake up at 8A.M or earlier, got off bed and had to just pick up your laptop or phone. Telecommuters are 14% more productive according to study released by Stanford University.

Remote workers are a growing thing now, no transportation needed, no getting up early or even the need for sick days leave!

Some employees have even left their jobs due to the fact that they might be stuck between four walls or even in a tight cubicle! No wonder this market is now growing again showing high numbers over the course of years because of their flexibility and the evident productivity of their staff members.

It’s always relative when it comes to workspace whether you’re an office type of person or you like to hit it off at home.


Myth: Sleep is only for slackers

sleep well !

This isn’t a beehive, we’re not working bees or a machine; even though college took out the best in us and kept us for hours studying, that doesn’t mean it has to carry on like this. Sleep becomes a greater demand as we get older; that extra hour might make you go the extra mile in your task – assignment. A study from Harvard University found that American companies lose nearly $63.2B annually because of employee sleep deprivation.

It’s good to know that sleep deprivation is extremely harmful for the body and the outside effects are so obvious, you might yell at the next customer or co-worker while drinking your cup of joe, not to mention the potential disease like high blood pressure, heart problems and things you are better off without, just because you were trying to “stay productive”. Sleep is needed for a healthy mind and with a healthy mind, productivity will be on your side.


Myth: You thrive under pressure

Reality: Work and negative office peer pressure can impact even the best employee.

it’s a skill acquired in good time

Reality is: we’re not all the same. It is said that being under pressure doesn’t mean you’ll bring out the best in yourself. Some people get stressed to the point that things might go haywire. Pressure is something only a few people learn to manage; it’s a skill acquired in good time and practice. Some managers might use this to their advantage in a way to “squeeze out” some of the juice their employees might have hidden here or there or in a way to “shake” the bottle and pour out that liquid stuck in the bottom of the bottle.

In conclusion, productivity sometimes might be not causing your employee to have a hard time and giving him instead the trust he/she needs to show the best in them.

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