14 Mistakes You Should Avoid On an Interview Or It Could Cost You The Job5 min read


Going for a job interview is a challenging matter, Have you wondered why keep losing those opportunities?

What it are difficulties you may face to nail a job?, and that would maybe happen only with the first interview.

Unfortunately it’s easy for them to notice our fails, everything you are going to do is being judged.

So take your time preparing for it before you go there.

Read on for those top mistakes you should avoid:

1.Wrong Dress Code

The nature of your desired job is going to determine how you should get dressed for the interview, if you are going to work for a personal trainer, you might get away with casual outfit.

On the contrary, if you are going to a company or a firm job, you will definitely lose it if you were dressing a yoga pants, you are required to be formal.

2.Failing to introduce yourself rightly

When you enter the interview room you should stand up, introduce yourself to everyone by shaking their hands firmly, give them your name and ask for theirs too.

So you should avoid giving bad impressions at the first few seconds.

3.Negative body language and low interest

You should make eye contact with the person you met, if you look away you will seem definitely shy or strange or even not interested.

Instead show your interest and enthusiasm, as Wendy Gelberg, author of The Successful Introvert, suggests.

Show them you are really happy to meet them.

4.Using your phone during the interview

Before you enter to the interview, make sure your phone is on silence mode, because whether you are texting or your phone ring or even if check your phone, it is just a clear message that getting the job is not of your interest or priority.

5.Sharing too much information

I am not asking you to lie about yourself, there are some people who say nothing but the truth in the interview, just avoid the boring information you give about yourself that is out of the question, only if they want more information and details, you will answer them.

6.Not knowing anything about the company

Do not let them surprise you with the question “what do you know about our company?”.

It is one of the expected questions to be asked there, so doing some research about the company would cost nothing!

Now before just the interview do some research and take the background information about it from the company website.

7.Badmouthing past boss or employers

You do not have to talk about them anymore, the world is sometimes smaller than we think, and you do not know what your interviewer might know.

So you will give him the idea that one day you may speak about them like the same. When you are asked hard questions and you do not know how to handle it, brush up and search for how to answer difficult questions.

8.Not asking the right questions

Not asking thoughtful questions or not asking questions at all make them cross you off their list, pay attention to the interviewer so you do not asking them to repeat what they just covered for you.

Avoid asking them about the salary or taking time off, instead focus on their methods and how they see success should be gained. Ask thoughtful questions and have the chance to give a good impression.

9.Inappropriate behaviors

Do not try to entertain them or amuse them, you are here for a serious matter, you have to be serious and do not flirt with anyone, save flirting to other days.

Do not chew gum or bring food or drinks with you to the interview, be polite to everyone there, show them your best!

10.Not understanding the role

The interviewer might ask you what is your understanding of the role you are applying for, you should be aware of that, you should be able to describe what you are going to be and what is your tasks and assignments. You can know that from the job advertisement or description.

11.Talking about what you cannot do

You are not going to meet the exact requirements for the job, but you have a chance now, it is better to have a spot on what you know and your experiences rather than talking about what you cannot do. It is better to talk in terms of positive and not negative ones.

12.Asking personal questions

Some candidates ask weirdly personal questions, about the interviewer family or his private life or his work or salary, this questioning will him feel uncomfortable with you.


Steven Mason once said: “apologizing for yourself, for others, for your answers, for anything could make you look weak”.

So by you doing this, you are giving them the opportunity to say goodbye, stay on the basic etiquette. Be who you are but confidently.

14.Talking in clichés

“I am work too hard”

“I am a perfectionist”

This sounds so familiar right? When you are using these answers and showing off. “Both sides can sometimes be guilty of using clichés, but just because you are asked a question like this, it does not mean you have to answer with something obvious and played-out.

Instead, I think you should look at it as an opportunity to differentiate yourself. Say something real that they have not heard before and they will be more likely to remember you,” D’Souza says.


Instead of all these mistakes and bad behaviors, you just need to be prepared!! Preparation will help you convey the message for them that you are interested, successful preparations can make you pass it all, just do your best and avoid these mistakes.

if you had experienced any further fails which let you lose an opportunity, you are welcomed to share it with us in the comments below.

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