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7 mind-blowing Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercises3 min read


Are you sick and tired of exercising? I know the feeling

Yes,doing some exercises is better, But what if you hate to exercise?

Sticking to it could be really difficult, there are plenty of people who are not getting the desired results, but still there are many ways to lose your weight without doing those exercises, normally at home!

This method does not burdened you taking pills or doing exercises,in other words, a new lifestyle habits can have a massive impact over a long term.

Here are several ways to lose your weight without exercising at all based on scientific studies:

  • Chew thoroughly and slow down

Finishing your meal quickly affects your weight, but when you chew your food rightly, it will make you eat more slower, because your brain needs time to process that you have had enough.

A recent study reported that faster eaters are more likely to get weight, compared to slower eaters.

But you know what else? Foods Can Help in Weight Loss

  • Drink water regularly

Drinking water before the meal helps you lose weight, because it makes you eat less.

According to NCBI, a study found that drinking half a liter of water about before half an hour helps you lose weight, Participants who drank water before a meal lost 44% of their weight over a 12-week compared to those who did not.

  • Lessen sugar as you can

Sugar can be the worst ingredient added to the diet today, sugary beverages have been considered one of the most risks for western diseases. It is very easy to take amounts of sugar from the liquid drinks like soda more than solid food does, that does not mean to replace it with fruit juice though, but instead of  have healthy beverages of water, coffee, and green tea.

  • Red plates are helpful

Sound silly? It’s not

Serve the unhealthy food on red plates, this is a trick to your mind that triggers the stop sign.

One study reported by NCBI institution that volunteers ate fewer on red plates, compared to those who did eat on blue or white ones.

  • Eating without electronic distractions

Paying attention to what you are eating makes you eat fewer calories.

People who eat while watching TV or playing games are more likely to lose track of how much they have eaten, this in return cause overeating.

One article reviewed after observing 24 studies that people who ate with distractions at a meal, ate 10% more in that sitting.

  • Sleep well and avoid being stressed

A lack of sleep may disturb the hormones functions Leptin and ghrelin and another hormone called cortisol that becomes high when you are stressed.

Now by having those hormones disturbed, this will increase your hunger for the unhealthy food, and this will lead to higher calories intake.

  • Eating fiber food

What makes this so special?

By eating fiber food it will makes you feel fuller, because this diet will take care of the excess calories into your body. A recent study by NCBI indicates that there is a special kind of fiber, called viscous fiber, it is very helpful for losing weight, it helps feeling full and reduces hunger.

You can check What Experts Are Saying About Fiber Food

You can say that again being fit is healthy and beneficial specially when you get older, it is healthier for the heart and the heart vessels, and you would be more acceptable socially.

It is not advisable to try all these by one time! Choose one method and experience it then see how it is going, if doesn’t works and wasn’t suitable for you, you may try another one.

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