Living Simply is a Straight Way for Happiness4 min read

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Living Simply is a matter of concepts we derive it form the environment that surrounds.

Our lives became so complicated with all the stuff, obligations, expectations, responsibilities, people, etc…

and all these complications are affecting our health and our thinking causing many problems.

As a result, people are tending to make their life simpler, as simply living can really enhances your life and make you happier.

In general, living simply means removing all the glut and rubble from your life and make more space in your house, heart, brain and life for doing new things and experiences which you dream of.

With simple life, you can enjoy the pleasures that don’t cost a lot of money, the rewards which you can’t buy from markets and shops, and a lot of amusements which don’t require a screen to see them.

Living simply offers a sense of hope, so you tend to be more hopeful, alive and optimistic, and only then you will be able to relax for being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

When you live simply, you are actually:

  1. Not taking more than what is rightly yours
  2. Able to rest in the peace that simple living brings
  3. Taking advantage of the simplicity of movement and action in the passage of each day
  4. Having more to think, read, write, be creative, talk with your children, stare into your lover’s eyes, plant a tree, pray, etc..

Live Simply in thee Hard Times

It’s your choice to live simply when your life is going well, but when your life becomes difficult, living simply will be essential.

In general, our lives are full of many objects, habits, movements, conversations, responsibilities and reactions in our life which need energy, and when there are more people, circumstances, emails, objects and tasks involved in your list, then you will be employing all your energy in managing them.

Therefore, when you feel as you are exhausted, just let go some of your responsibilities and give yourself enough time to breathe, live and enjoy your life. You will soon become much better.

Additionally, simple life can help you be frugal which can really save time and money.

7 Invisible Benefits of Living Simply

Living Simply

Living simply has a plenty of benefits on your life and the life of the people around you

  • Over-reacting

When you are busy with many things in your life, everything become more complicated and you get lost in a reactionary lifestyle.

You will find that you are saying things you don’t mean, make unnecessary conflicts with others and blowing things completely out of proportion.

On the other hand, the simple life allows you to have enough time to consider a response and answer appropriately from a thoughtful place.

  • A Better health

Simple living has many good effects on our health like lowering blood pressure, eliminating the stress and reducing the risk of diseases even if we don’t do any changes in our diet and lifestyle.

In contrast, Stress can trigger migraines, colds and even auto-immune conditions. So simplify your life to have a better health

  • Freedom

When we are tied to many duties and expectations, engaged in others’ problems, overreacting, or feeling crappy, we will not have a massive freedom.

It is better to just stay away from all those to be able to make better decisions, enjoy our freedom and live the life which we truly like.

  • More engaged relationships

be frugal

Can you really be engaged in your relationships with family and friends when you are hyper-connected to your computers and phones?

Absolutely not.

So relax and give yourself more time to listen and engage.

  • Hope

You can only be more hopeful and ready for new experiences when you simplify your life and enjoy a smaller living space.

In short, a simple life is a hopeful life.

  • Self-care

With all our duties, we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves.

However, when we reduce some of our commitments and obligations, and eliminate debt, crappy jobs, hurtful relationships and other common stressors as well, we will  have time to take a better care of our heart and soul.

Only then we will have some time for taking a nap, writing, being creative, practicing meditation and any other interesting activities.

  • Benevolence

When we don’t need many resources to be happy, and we have enough time to consider what matters most, we will change from egoist to a more loving, caring, and giving person.

These amazing benefits are the main reasons behind the increasing attempts of moving from the busy life to a more simple life.

Furthermore, the taste of the inner workings of simplicity inspires us to go after even more simplicity.

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