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List of Foods to Lower Cholesterol Naturally at Home3 min read



When you follow a certain diet, it is  not the end of all the testy and delicious food.


Check this collection of the low-cholesterol recipes, and you will definitely forget that you are following certain roles concerning what you should eat and what you should not eat. Enjoy these recipes:


Argula and goat cheese pizza

Even if you have high cholesterol, you still can enjoy pizza! This recipe cuts back on cheese and adds walnuts which will help lower your cholesterol.


Carrot-ginger soup

carrot is rich in beta-carotene

Cholesterol is found in many animal products, while carrot is rich in beta-carotene, so this creamy soup with carrot will keep the cholesterol low.


Garlic and herb bulgar wheat

This salad is hearty, and it is  low-fat and low-carbohydrate one.


Calico beans

It contains high fiber and high protein, but do not add  salt to it.


Cheesy avocado pipe

Avocado is the best choice for losing weight

Avocado is the best choice for losing weight. It is rich in fiber and many other nutrients.  A study shows that eating half an avocado helps curb the appetite, which  makes us add  less cheese always with more avocado to our pipe.


Sweet potato noodles taco bowels

Sweet potato with black beans mixed with noodles will fuel your body with slow digesting carbohydrates. Furthermore, it makes you lose weight, and it lowers your cholesterol


Cauliflower ground beef hash

Cauliflower can be  disguised in many recipes

Cauliflower can be  disguised in many recipes, such as  pizza crust, and in this recipe it is added with beef hash. It contains meat, potato and spices, and depending on where it is served some people add onion, cream and fired egg!! This meal contains fiber, sugar, protein, carbs and sodium.

Swedish meatballs

take it as a cheat meal

These gravy-battered meatballs make this recipe a weekly cheat meal.  It is a balanced meal that contains carbs, sodium, sugar, and protein.


Bacon burger and paleo breakfast

This meal contains healthy fats, wholesome carbs, and a boosting metabolism protein, since it contains sweet potato, bacon and eggs. It is recommended to eat the egg as whole, not only the white part of it, because it helps you lose weight, it boosts your immune system and of course it improves your cholesterol profile.


Low carbs Mexican stuffed peppers

It contains  double amount of vitamin C and A, because of the green ingredients. Remember, the higher the amount of vitamins in your meal is, the better your mood is.


Vegetable soup including beans

These two ingredients help make your digestion slower, and so it lowers your cholesterol.

Beans are the storage of the high fibers; the bean  provides your body with eight grams of slimming fiber and about seven grams of protein. These two ingredients help make your digestion slower, and so it lowers your cholesterol.


In brief, pick one of those recipes once a week and enjoy it without guilt.

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