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How to whistle: Learn These 3 ways for Whistling5 min read


Whistling appears to be an effective mean of communication between people. We whistle for many reasons, like getting someone’s attention in a crowd or looking for more enjoyment at the party. However, regardless of what the reason is, it is crucial and beneficial to learn how to whistle.

Additionally, before taking the first step and starting to learn, you need to know more about why some people can’t whistle and what are the 3 ways of whistling. After reading this article, you will be able to take the decision, learn the proper technique to practice every day!

Why can’t you whistle? Answer is easy.

whistling is not a gift since birth but a learned skill


Many people ask themselves, why they can’t whistle. I guess the answer is easier than you think. After all, whistling is not a gift since birth but a learned skill. So, you need to learn the steps and practice daily.

If you are one of those who keep saying that they can’t whistle, you have to take the decision today and start learning. No one knows when you might need it.

On the other hand, some scientists believe that this lack of sound may be caused by a medical reason.

That’s right. Although it wasn’t proved scientifically, the velopharynx must close completely when you whistle. If this muscular sphincter in your throat doesn’t, then whistling may be difficult.

This problem is called velopharyngeal dysfunction and it is caused by many reasons including cleft palate adenoid surgery, motor speech disorder, excessive space between the palate and throat, weak throat muscles, etc.

As a result, many statistics showed that 67 percent of people admitted that they can’t whistle, while 13 percent only are considered good whistlers.


How to whistle: Learn the 3 ways to whistle

As said above, there are 3 ways to whistle. If you haven’t learned any of them yet, I guess it is time to try at least one of these techniques and practice a lot. Don’t be sad if it took some time before you know how to whistle, and remember that the daily practice makes anything perfect.

Now let’s see how to whistle:


1- How to whistle with your fingers

If you wanna get someone’s attention, you can whistle with your fingers. Try this simple way:

– Form an A shape by placing the tips of your two pinkies together. Make sure that your thumbs are facing you while the other fingers are not.

– Wet your lips well.

– Take the shape of a baby without teeth and tuck your lips inward over your teeth.

– Push your tongue back on itself with the tips of your pinkies.

At this step, your tongue will be folded, your lips will be tucked, while your mouth is closed tightly and your fingers are in it.

There will be only a small opening between your pinkies.

Now blow gently permitting air to come out of the opening between your pinkies.


2nd: How to whistle with your mouth

Here you have two options to whistle with your mouth; either to whistle through your lips or your tongue.

Option 1: Whistling through your lips

Keep going and whistle your favorite songs after adjusting your lips, jaw, and tongue.

To whistle through your lips, you have to follow the following steps:

1- Pucker your wet lips.

2- Start to softly blow air through your lips. Here, you must hear a tone.

3- Keep your tongue relaxed and try to blow harder gradually.

4- Keep going and whistle your favorite songs after adjusting your lips, jaw, and tongue.

Option 2: Whistling with your tongue


This way is usually recommended for those who enjoy producing soft tones. If you are one of them, keep reading to get the trick for whistling with your tongue and give it a try:

1- Pucker your wet lips slightly.

2- Keep your mouth open and place your tongue behind the upper teeth. (On the upper part of your mouth).

3- Blow air to produce the sound.


Notice that you can get louder tones by puckering and blowing harder.

You can so produce a variety of times by puckering and widening your mouth


3rd: How to whistle with two hands (Birdcall)


Another unique technique for whistling is called “bird calling”. It is just another simple way to whistle with two hands. It may not be that easy, but with practicing, everything becomes better.

To try the whistle with two hands, check these steps:


–  Keep your fingers and thumb straight while making a bowl-like shape with your palm.

– Curve your right hand to a slightly angled curve, and making your left hand into one ( as you are shaking someone else’s hand). Now press your thumbs together after collapsing the two hands together.


– Create the sound by blowing into a curved oval formation.


 3- How to whistle loudly

you have to blow the air harder and harder to reach your goal.


Sometimes you need to whistle loudly, louder than usual to get someone’s attention in a crowd. In this case, being capable of whistling will be a good start, but you still need to develop this skill. To whistle loudly, you have to spend a double effort to blow the air and produce a louder voice. The best technique to whistle loudly is whistling with your fingers. However, you have to blow the air harder and harder to reach your goal.

But before that, you need to be a professional whistler who knows the technique and practice every day to get the intense whistling sound which you are looking for.

Whistling, just like any other technique, needs a lot of practicing to get it right, so you need to follow the above steps and practice a lot. You may not learn it since the first day or month, but you will sooner and later. And who knows, you may find a new way for whistling or even new tones to whistle.

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