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How to treat cold: 10 essential oils for colds5 min read



Most people rely on chemical and antibiotics when it comes to cold. This can be far more dangerous for your well-being. Colds are one of the trickiest flu that hold you unexpectedly. When a person gets cold, he starts experiencing, sore throat, coughs, sneeze and body aches. To get a lasting relief from the cough from its roots is possible when you will include essential oils for colds, in your treatment. Essential oils are formed naturally and their impact on the patient is immediate. It helps in making your skin glow and gets a radiant look if you try them out in winters. Seeking an immediate help from other hazardous chemical induced treatments, are also not affordable and unmanageable. However, getting a natural remedy for eliminate the colds out of your body is definitely a right choice.

when it comes to flu, essential oils are much better than pills

10 essential oils for colds- a trusted yet an exceptional natural remedy

Getting rid of cold, takes either a time span of 2-3 or maybe 5-7 days, straight. During which, you require a persistent therapy, which would keep your nose out off running all the time. There are certain exceptional benefits of using the essential naturally favored oils due to several reasons:


  • Frankincense essential oil

It has healing effects from cough, cold and flu

A tremendous properties containing, Frankincense essential oil comprises rejuvenating properties. It has healing effects from cough, cold and flu. The property contains antiseptic, astringent, expectorant and anti-inflammatory.  It helps on treating and relaxing anxiety and helps in reducing aches with lasting effects. You can blend orange, frankincense and eucalyptus essential oil that will work as a decongestant and works miracles in reducing pains and aches.


  • Oregano essential oil


Being a super energetic essential oil, Oregano has certain exceptional properties that are even recommended by the doctors. Ayurvedic medicines are naturally formed medicines blended with various components, similar to which relies in oregano. The upper respiratory ailment reduces symptoms of coughs and sore throats. It contains an antiviral and antimicrobial property that absorbs all of your fever. You can add some sort of carrier oil to get a massage done.


  • Eucalyptus essential oil

eucalyptus essential oil plays a vital role in soothing respiratory issues

For clearing chesty coughs, eucalyptus essential oil plays a vital role in soothing respiratory issues. If taken orally it can be toxic. You can use it for getting a soothing effect from persistent flu and cold. Using as a vaporizer, the oil helps you diffuse colds. If you blend eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender essential oils in certain amounts, several airborne diseases can be removed due to the same.  


  • Tea Tree essential oil


There are certain exceptional antiseptic, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It heals you from various health issues. Tea tree essential oil kills germs if you surface them in the air. It is also recognized as natural disinfectant. You can wipe your house by adding it into a spray bottle. Thus, it is an important aspect in relieving flu and cold at the same time. You can add few drops of the oil to your bathing water and experience soothing effects.  


  • Lemon essential oil

you can massage it to fight fatigue

Lemon consists a component that helps in treating flu and reducing fevers. The essential oils that are obtained from the lemon are considered to be as one of the energizing ideals. The oils are obtained from the peels of the lemon. When you burn them they release oils along with the aromas, you can massage it to fight fatigue. You can add the oil to the steam.


  • Lavender essential oil


Lavender is one of the most favorite perfumes for centuries. Even though for its everlasting fragrance, lavender essential oil provides refreshing aroma. Its stems and leaves are being considered the important aspect of making the oil. It provides deep relaxation and enhances gentleness. It has healing effects that helps in reducing congestion, respiratory and other health issues.


  • Lemongrass essential oil


Ayurvedic medicines are well known for their natural formulation. The lemongrass essential oil condemns the lower fevers and helps in soothing the nervous system. It also gives relieving effects for stomachache, headaches, colds, flu and other issues. Yet it worked miracles when used during colds. If you add 2 drops of the oil in your bathing water, you can gradually find its positive effects after the use.


  • Peppermint essential oil

this oil enhances your metabolism and ensures energetic performance

Peppermint essential oil is known for its cooling features. With the menthol aroma, this oil enhances your metabolism and ensures energetic performance. It helps in battling concentration issues, fatigue, stomachs aches and creates a positive environment. This oil is recommended for flu and cold for its everlasting effects.


  • Cinnamon leaf essential oil


Oils can be obtained from the bark or leaf of the cinnamon plants. They both include two types of oil that consists of similar qualities. Yet you can use cinnamon leaf essential oil as it contains aromatherapy, with prompt results. It has antiseptic, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.


  • Clove Bud essential oil


Clove bud is one of the essential oils that come fro. Indonesia. Also being referred as a spice, cloves have been used as a cough relieving remedy since olden days. The nails of the cloves are known from the centuries. The unripe buds of the clove’s flowers help in getting fresh, warming, spicy and gentle oils. Add the oil to your bathwater or gently massage.

These essential oils for colds have magical effects on the person who blends various oils. The carrier oils can also be added with significant ones, as it would help in diluting the sensitivity of the oils. Natural products are harmless in every possible ways, due to which it has various benefits when you begin the use of the same. Essential oils are also useful for getting a radiant skin, and it is sometimes used as a healing remedy due to its beautifying properties. There are several benefits of these essential oils that are precisely experienced by various people. Eventually, tend to use organic materials that helps in reducing all types of sickness and cure aches and pain.

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