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How to Tell a Girl You Like Her And How To Not Tell Her5 min read


Are you in love with a special woman, but you don’t know how to say it? Who is she? Is it your female classmate, neighbor, co- worker or just someone who don’t even know? Whatever the case is, we will tell you exactly how to  (and how not to) tell a girl that you love her.

Curious to know how? Just see these tips which will really help you finish the task successfully without getting rejected.

Easy Tips to tell a girl that you love her:


1- Become her friend, her best friend.

Try to enjoy the friendship between both of you before becoming a boy friend

To tell her that you love her and make sure that she will not say no, you must be her friend first then her boyfriend.

See with whom she hangs out, and try to be a part of that group and spend more time together in these groups. Join her social circles, clubs, parties or other gatherings which she usually attends.

Girls adore those who love them for what they really are from the inside, not just because they are pretty. So, try to discover her likes and dislikes, ideas, religion, politics, history, family, etc.

Support her and be there for her in her sensitive moments like attending plays or performances that she does, being there while waiting her final marks at college, etc.

This will create a passion in her heart toward you.

2- Create some bonding

Know what she likes and bond with her


After becoming friends, it is time to create a bond of trust between you. To gain her trust, be faithful and honest about every detail.

Never let her catch you spending time with other girls.

Keep her secrets, and tell her yours.

Never judge her for something she said or done, just listen and wait her to ask for an advice.

Focus on her and let her focus on you when you are together, try to ask her for a movie, video game, dinner, etc as friends.
Before telling her about your feeling, you have to let her know how amazing and important she is, at least in your eyes.
You also have to give her space to do whatever she likes to do alone, like spending time with her family or girl friends. It would also be a good opportunity to miss you.

3- Let Her Know How you Feel

Now , after being close to each others, you have to let her know that you love her. Don’t just say it, but do it gradually.

First of all, test her reaction toward words like “ I like you, I like to spend time with you…”. If she smiles or get embarrassed, then this is a good sign that she probably understands and welcomes your feelings.

When you are ready, take her to a quiet, nice place where you can talk alone without any distractions or people around you. Talk to her alone once you’re ready to let her know how you feel.
Begin by telling her how a good friend she is, and how her beauty, tenderness, actions, etc made you fall in her love.
Don’t force her to take a decision, give her as much time as she needs to think about you and discover her feelings.
Ask her out on a date to let her know you as a boyfriend before she decides whether to move your relationship forward or just stay friends.

Ways NOT to Tell Her You Like Her

After we talked about how to tell a girl that you like her, we will tell you about the mistakes which men (who don’t have experience with women) often make.

These things will ruin everything, so you need to avoid doing them or you may lose her forever.

1.Don’t just come out of no where

If you don’t know each and she has no idea who you are, don’t just tell her: “Hi, I am Mark and i like you”.

2. Giving Her Money or Pay Her Bills Will not help

Don’t become a tool

Giving a woman money in the beginning of any relationship is as saying that you have low standards, you are desperate and you accept to to let be with you just for money.

Remember that a woman won’t give you her honest approval or consider you a hero just because you gave her money or paid her bills, you will be just a tool.

3. Don’t send her messages signing the “Secret Admirer”

No one like to be with a coward.

Such things will make you as a creeper who is afraid to show his face and say I like you.

No one like to be with a coward.

4. Never ask Her Friends or Family About Her Personal Stuff

If you wanna know something from a girl, just go and ask her. Don’t even try to ask her friends and family if she likes you or she have ever asked them about you, and don’t even think of letting them tell her that you like her or you’re interested in her.

She will freak her out and never talk with you again.

5. Don’t Take advantage of being drunk

Don’t take advantage of her without her permission, because you might lose her for ever

No matter how you are desperate, don’t take advantage of being drunk. If you, her, or both are drunk, don’t talk about such issues as this is actually the most horrible time to do it!

When you drink, just have fun without messing everything it by making things all serious and heavy for her.


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