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How to Talk to Girls and What to Talk about: Check Some Strategies8 min read


Although we are familiar with the relationships between boys and girls, things may become complicated sometimes. If you don’t know how to talk with girls and what to talk about, you will have no chance with them.

Therefore, check these popular problems with the way most men talk to girls:


1- Being platonic and friendly.

Don’t be a platonic person, who never mentions a sense of sexuality behind his words

In general, you have to be polite when dealing with a girl, but being polite differs than being extremely platonic who never mentions a sense of sexuality behind his words. Men may act like this to avoid offending the girl, or scaring her. But you can’t grab her attention by this way.

2- You start stuttering and forgetting

Do you start stuttering and forgetting your own name, and what you wanna talk about any time you meet a girl? Such attitude will not help as she will not be interested in a man with low self confidence.

3- They have no purpose.

If you don’t know where to lead the conversation, then you are a big loser in love. You must know how and when to move it forward to win the girl.

4-They never take risks.

If you try to keep your conversation with your girl as simple as possible, you will always stay there. Girls like men who take risks, try to mention some special phrases, different opinions, clues with double meanings, etc. to make her interested in understanding your secrets and personality.

 Then what to do? Let’s discuss below some strategies which can lead to better conversations with girls.


How To Talk To Girls   

If you wanna attract and catch a girl’s interest in no time at all, you have to focus on your look, smile and conversation.

For a fruitful conversation, begin with approaching her in a friendly and casual manner, then express interest in her thoughts and opinions. Make her feel special and compliment her sincerely.

Pay attention to use your body language, as girls can understand it very well.

Let’s check these proved tips for talking with girls:

1- Catch her eye

This trick always works with me. Don’t do any dramatic action, just look at her from across the room and let her notice you, then approach to talk with her.

Pay attention to your confident body language( your head up high, your eyes straight ahead, and maintain a good posture) as you approach.

2- Introduce yourself.

If you don’t know her, start by introducing yourself. All what you have to say is ” “Hi, my name is….., what is your name?…” You can also try to know her more by asking about her interests, hobbies, etc.

Although it seems old fashion, it would be fascinating if you lightly shake her hand. Don’t be awkward about it.
Now, you know her name, try to say it a few times in the conversation so she feels like you are interested in her.

3- Don’t lie just to impress her.

Don’t lie or stretch the truth. By time, she will discover all your lies, and she may not forgive you. So don’t  embarrass yourself or break her trust just to impress her.

4- Keep up your confidence.

 Have self confidence without bragging

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or say stupid things to your girlfriend. Try your best to keep engaging her, and focus on being positive, relaxed, and happy.  Have self confidence without bragging, and don’t be too self-deprecating, even if that will make her laugh.

5- Be yourself, and don’t pretend to be someone else

Just be yourself with your girl and let her love you for what you are

If you’re a funny guy, say jokes and do funny actions to help her laugh. If you are serious, discuss some interesting topics.

You can also let her know you more by telling her things about yourself.

6- Find common ground.

Choose the topics which both of you care about, There is no need to ask her directly about everything like favorite bands, types of food, hobbies, or exercises; instead, listen to the natural flow of the conversation, and you will discover everything.

7- Ask her about her studies and work

To show your girl that you really care about her, you need to ask her about some personal issues like studies, work, goals, etc.

However, if you feel that she doesn’t like talking about such stuffs, just move on.

8- Smile confidently

Smiling will help you a lot in any relation as it will put the girl at ease

Smiling can be the fastest ticket to every heart. Smiling shows that you are really enjoying the conversation and feeling comfortable. We are not talking about smiling the whole time or laughing, it is just drawing a natural expression that has your lips slightly upturned in a smile.
Smiling will help you a lot in any relation as it will put the girl at ease and will make her feel appreciated as you really like what she has to say.

 9- Stay away from the personal stuff.

Although the aim of your conversation with the girl is to know her more and let her know you on a deep level, l this doesn’t mean talking about personal stuffs like your grandfather’s death, your family problems, the rash on your back, etc. Such issues can be delayed till a couple of months.

Instead, choose inoffensive, light topics like your pets, favorite music, or hobbies, and avoid boring topics like the weather and politic news.

Make sure that both of you are comfortable and just follow the flow of the conversation.

10-Get her contact information

It would be so exciting to ask for her email, phone number, or her Facebook account, to be able to communicate with her. Try asking for them politely, like saying “I have to get going, but I’d love to call you and maybe we can meet again. Can I call you so we can do that?”, she will understand that you want her number, without asking her directly.

What To Talk About With A girl? Check These 5 Best Topics

Now we move to another major question which men often ask themselves, “what do I say now?”. Women and men are completely different as they are related to different planets. Surely, you’ve got this feeling at least few times when talking to a woman that you are really interested in. But don’t worry, keep reading tonget some hints.

When a man approach a woman, he feels afraid of two things;  the awkward silence and the potential rejection. To avoid both, you need to carefully choose the subjects of your speech while trying to attract a woman you are interested in.

As all the great seducers say, sharing a successful conversation depends on what you can make her tell you and not about what you say to her.


Here, we will talk about five topics which proved to be more effective than others when it comes to interacting with a women:

  1. Books, Films, Movies, Music and Art

    Simply, you can’t begin talking with the girl about her hopes, dreams and deepest fears since the first meeting. First of all, begin with building a comfortable conversation using a low effort and still engaging topics like her favorite books, movies, music or art. Moreover, ask many questions to let her talk a lot, like not just asking if she loves music, but also ask about her favorite band, songs, festivals, etc.

    2. Love and relationships
You should always be a good listener

Women adore hearing relationship stories, and the effective solutions to solve problems between lovers. So the next time you hear someone talking about his problem with a boyfriend or girlfriend, take a note and use the story in a conversation. This will really works.

3.Her Passions, Her Dreams and Her Goals

It makes you happy to talk about things that you are passionate about, especially with someone who is really interested in these things. Ask her about her dreams, wishes, goals, etc. and participate in the speech.

4. Travel

Most women enjoy talking about traveling as such topics make them feel happy and excited.
People love to travel and dream about it, especially women. So talk about traveling, ask your girl about her best destinations, and share some useful tips.

5. The People Around You

If you run out of topics to talk about with your girl, just look to to your surroundings and talk about anyone, invent a story about him/her according to your imagination then ask your date to tell you her version. I guarantee that you’ll both enjoy your time, and laugh a lot.


Keep these 5 subjects in mind while chatting with your girl the next time, you will absolutely win her interest and maybe her love as well.

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