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How to stop smoking weed: 6 Easy Steps to Stop Smoking Weed4 min read


    Your ability to give up on anything depends on your determination and stamina, and it also requires some serious focus. This can be applied on quitting any kind of addictions including smoking weed as it needs many factors. To stop smoking weed, you must be mentally prepared and you must have a real desire to give up your bad habit. So if you are looking for help to get your old life back, this article will tell you what you need to do.


What is Weed Addiction?, and How to stop Smoking Weed?

smoking in general is very bad for your health

Weed addiction is harmful not only for your health but to your whole life. It may lead to many sorts of problems that interfere with your social life, personal relationships and your job.

If you want to get rid of this habit, you have to take things more seriously and follow certain tips. Let’s know more about how to stop Smoking Weed :

1-Make sure that your decision is clear to your supporting system.

Those people who are close to you and care about you are your supporting system

To quit this habit, you need physical and incorporeal help. So it is better to tell your family members and trustworthy friends what you are intending to do, and ask them to support you. Those people who are close to you and care about you are your supporting system. Additionally:

  • You should avoid friends who used to smoke with you for a while.
  • If the people who are close to you are active smokers, you must tell them to not ask you to smoke anything with them.

2- Quit smoking weed gradually


You should give yourself a period of time, and try your best to become completely Marijuana free when you reach the final date. Think a lot before deciding the date as this date must not be flexible.

Set a date as a month, or you can take two or three months if you think this is going to be very tough.

3-Clean home, Clean mind

clean home for clean life
  • Start to remove all the smell of smoking from your clothes. Additionally, throw out any old smoking accessories like pipes, bongs, memorabilia and so on.
  • Get rid of anything that makes you feel as you want to smoke, even if it is just a poster in your room or a video about smoking.

If you remove things that make it easy for you to smoke again, you might be less likely to give in to your cravings.

4- Change your routine

a routine can make your condition worse

In addition to get rid of the things that make you want to smoke, you should start a new routine to avoid missing pots so badly.

You should change your study, your work, your school, or your morning routine. Try to make something different from the things which you used to do, in order to be able to quit smoking weed and forget about it.

5- Find a replacement activity

take climbing as your new activity for example

Instead of thinking about your habit, think of a new activity. You may try swimming, reading, playing a guitar, taking long walks or going for a run. Furthermore, you can learn new skills.

Try to make something you can do as quick and easy as smoking weed, so you can the activity whenever you’re tempted to smoke.

6- Join online supporting groups


You can easily find supporting groups which gather people having the same problem. You can chat together, talk about your problems, and support each others>

quitting on smoking weed is not an easy step, but it is essential for a healthy life so you have to make a fast decision to quit it soon . Then you should choose the best plan for you and build up a support group. because it is the right way for a healthy life.


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