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How To Roast Someone: Check these tips3 min read


First, for those of you who don’t know what does it mean to roast someone. It means to make fun of them with the type of words that leave them astounded.

Only limited things in life can be as satisfying as to roast someone who deserves to be roasted. As you know life may not always be as fair as we would like it to be. So, why to put up with verbal abuse!. Just pull yourself together and whenever any schmuck picks on you, just roast them.

Dealing in such situations can be quite difficult. As we supposed to be living in a civilized world. it’s no longer legal to beat the hell out of the ones who pull on your nerves. That’s why roasting may be the way to go for many underdogs around here. You don’t have to be helpless and out of control no more. In this article, we’ll provide you with some of the best lines to help you in those awkward situations to roast someone well.

observational humor is the best option when it comes to spotting your roastee weaknesses.

Good Roasts

  • You’re just as useless as the (ueue) in queue.
  • Good for you that Mirrors can’t talk and laugh at you
  • Whenever I see that face, there’s nothing else to do but to turn the other way.
  • There’s no way to underestimate you than you already did
  • Your mother must have delivered you on the highway. That’s where most accidents happen.
  • Wow, you are so sharp just like a bowling ball.
  • Hey, you warthog-faced-buffoon, don’t you worry, I’ll explain it to you in small words so you are able to understand it.
  • Your mom should’ve kept the stork, and thrown you instead.
  • You should go apologize to the trees, as they have to deal with the air you breathe out.
  • Even when you are 10 times smarter, you’ll still be the stupidest.
  • The truth that people get you wrong, doesn’t mean that you are a Surrealist.
  • Your IQ is smaller than the size of your shoe.


Always act tough

In the end, a few years earlier it might have been a matter of days till the people forget about someone being roasted. However, with the growth of social media all around us, it can be quite scandalous to roast someone publicly. So you have to make sure of a few things before humiliating innocent people in public.

  • Only Roast The ones Who really Deserve It
  • Don’t go looking for targets to roast. Only save your best roasts for those who trespass your or your loved ones privacy.
  • Observational humor is the best option when it comes to spotting your roastee weaknesses.
  • Don’t Be a schmuck yourself. You don’t have to make fun of things people don’t have control over, like, how they look, disabilities, or of their poverty. This will not make you funny at all.
  • Have Fun roasting think of it as a chance to get creative coming up with a perfect line that will leave your opponent as they got a  thunderstruck
  • It’s all jokes after all.

Now I would like to give you the chance to practice some of your roasting skills. But be aware of others roasting you.

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