Patience in Just 5 Easy ways that Will Impress You3 min read


Aside from they are unwelcomed stresses in our lives, still there is another logical answer: They are all situations where we can use a little extra patience.

” We live in a world where we can get anything we want.” Says Mary Jane Rayan, author of the Power of Patience. ” we have lost the capacity to wait without becoming agitated”, well this is seems familiar!

I discovered that patience is not more than a skill to be learned, not an inherited gift. It is the relaxation itself, it gives you a pleasant time even if the traffic gods are play

What do traffic jams, long lines waiting share in common?

being with you!! It converts the unpleasant feeling of helpless into a delicious sense of space and capacity.

After reading this article you will definitely agree the more you are patient, the more you enjoy health, relaxation, good friends, and making more better decisions. You want to be more patient? Consider the following recommendation:

Now the first step of it all you should recognize your impatience triggers, not everyone reacts the same at different situations or events, so first of all you should realize your triggers to be able to change it through self reliance.

  • Go for a walk or a run

Exercise burning of the stress hormone that kept in your system, after taking a walk you will be more able to reconnect with your body and get your patience again.

  • Daydreaming

This works well especially in traffic jams and waiting lines, visualize the most peaceful moments you have ever experienced, feel and hear yourself inside.

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