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How to Know if a Guy Likes You: 6 Tips to Know if a Guy Likes You4 min read



When you like somebody, it becomes hard to get a chance to make a move toward them  if you are not very sure how they feel towards you. We asked some relationships and dating experts to help you with all what you would need to know if a guy likes you. We also have some male-perspectives to know how they express their interest in a woman.

We know girls, once they know something, they can’t keep it a secret, so never try to ask your friend if she thinks that the guy likes you as she might go and ask him directly and this would be more embarrassing than the worst moment in your life.

To avoid any embarrassment, we have a few tips  that help you to determine whether a guy likes you or not.

Do you have a crush on someone? Are you very curious to know if this guy likes you or just staring at the poster on the wall? Follow us to know the answer.

Signs to know if a guy likes you:

1- Detect his body language

he may smiles at you or try to make you life


 body language is something beyond anyone’s control, so you can figure out what is going inside your guy’s mind by observing his actions. Does he keep looking at your face plus eye contact, leans towards you a lot, grooms himself when both of you are at the same place, and cares about you all the time? If yes, then be happy as these are just some of the body signs that show you there is an attraction between you tow.


2- His speech, his tone..

Men talk a lot about their challenges, you can see pride in their eyes, but not when his love is beside him. Listen to him and you will notice that he is  excited. Try this; go closer to him and say something whispering and softly then put your arm around him. If a guy likes you, he will touch you back and maintains eye contact. If he just completes his speech, then he may consider you a friend.

3- Different treatment

Notice his actions if he treats you differently

Of course when somebody likes you, he will treat you in a different way, more special than anyone else. Notice his actions like does he shift his chair close to yours, put his jacket on you to avoid cold, put his hand on the back of your chair, call you at the evening if he doesn’t see you the whole day,  Also, he may flirt with some girls to get your attention or he’ll get jealous  if you talk with other guys. If he do this with you, then it is your turn to give him a reaction to show that you like him too.

4- He lies to show that he interest in the same things

He will tell you all those lies just to show you that you have few interests in common.

If a guy likes you, he will tell you that a TV show you like is  one of his favorites. If you introduced a music band to him, he will swear that he is the biggest fan of it. He will tell you all those lies just to show you that you have few interests in common.


5- His friends can give some hints

boys can’t also keep secrets, so his friends may tease him when you are around, so be careful and get the right answer from his friends’ reactions. They may smile or turn to him. Any strange reaction proves that he likes you.


6- Nervousness

He might laugh for no reason if he feels nervous

If he is attracted to you, he would be nervous around you. Just see whether he looks quickly away when he notices you, takes a deep breath and laugh nervously… all are clear signs that he likes you.


Finally be ready and receptive to his signs. If he shows interest, react friendly and polite then you can take the next steps gradually. Don’t let him go if you are sure that you want to date him. But if he is not the suitable person for you, you have to act fast and be honest. Let him know your real feelings if you want to  just stay friends.

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