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How to heal Sore throat using Oils: Highly recommended 10 essential oils for sore throat5 min read


Getting a sore throat is one of the common aspects of colds. It causes uncomfortable feelings, itching, redness and fever. Suffering from these symptoms makes it essential to get a treatment and heal your sore throat. If you visit a doctor, he would definitely prescribe you some medications for you, while intake some home remedies would give you minimal relief.  If you choose one of the best essential oils for sore throat, you will get relief from any sort of colds you might have. These oils tremendously help in rejuvenating and boosting the immune system along with preventing the body from getting illness. It also helps to kill the viruses and bacteria, maintain a good health and relieve the sore throat pain easily.

10 essential oils for sore throat


  • Tea Tree Oil

this oil contains antiviral and antimicrobial qualities it pertains a relieving effect

The tea tree oil consists of healing properties that benefits in soothing the sore throat and coughs. If you gargle, this oil by diluting it, you can surely get some relieving effects. Although, the oil contains antiviral and antimicrobial qualities it pertains a relieving effect. You can use the, mixture of melaleuca and tea tree oil together with hot water to gargle and later on spit the mixture once finished. With several benefits of the tea tree oil, it is being recognized as one of the essential oils for sore throat.


  • Peppermint Oil


Giving cooling sensations and helps in soothing the scratchy sore throat pains, peppermint oil is no doubt one of the natural remedies to get rid of such a pain. It contains an anti-itch property that helps in treating the itchy throat. It provides relief from congestion and is well known for being an essential oil with several benefits. It also helps in the removal of chronic diseases especially people with an irritated and scratchy throat.

  • Clove Oil


With various studies and sources proving about the benefits of the clove oil has tremendously helpful to many people. It helps in soothing sore throat pains, as it contains an antibacterial property that removes growing bacteria’s. Along with which, the clove oil consists of analgesic that is healing properties. Clove oil is referred as to be one of the best choices yet suitable for the removal of sore throat and coughs. Using 2-3 drops with carrier oil will work wonders.


  • Lemon Oil

It helps in managing pain and inflammation of the sore throat

With the exceptional pain relieving properties, the lemon oil has been proven to be one of the best essential oils for sore throat. With various abilities, the lemon oil can be obtained out of their peels. Thus, the entire lemon plant has several relieving benefits. It helps in managing pain and inflammation of the sore throat. Providing discomfort to your throat and making it itchy can be removed with the help of lemon oil.


  • Cinnamon Oil


Historically well known for being one of the known spices and containing several beneficial properties, cinnamon oil consists of excellent antibacterial properties. It gives out the effective solutions in killing the sore throat and colds bacteria’s by preventing others to get hold of it. It basically removes the S.Pyogenes bacteria’s that makes the sore throat get scratchy and itchy.  The cinnamon sticks are well known for various uses and benefits of the same, while the oil works miracles.


  • Eucalyptus Oil

It stimulates the immune system and helps in relieving the pains

Useful in colds and breaking up the mucus along with the phlegm, the properties, which the eucalyptus oil beholds, are tremendous. It contains antimicrobial properties that help in preventing your respiratory tract from getting the infection spread. It stimulates the immune system and helps in relieving the pains. For removing the colds, allergies, flu and soothing the sore throat, eucalyptus oil has various other health benefits too.


  • Oregano Oil


With the antifungal properties, oregano oil is referred as a smart choice for soothing the sore throat. There are various effective antibiotic effects, oregano oil helps in fighting with the viruses and bacteria’s. By making your own diluted mixture of the oregano oil with the carrier oil, by heating they together can be used as a vaporizer. It helps in removing the MRSA bacteria’s.


  • Thieves Oil


If you combine clove, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary oil, this blend provides a complimentary boosting of your immune system. With an amazing antiseptic, antiviral or antibiotic property, thieves’ oil helps in supporting the immune system. It also works wonders in relieving the sinus functions. It helps in relieving the pains, helps in treating the viruses and bacteria’s, if you use it as a diffuser or vaporizer, thrice a day.  


  • Sage Oil

2-3 drops are enough for making it use in several ways to diffuse sore throat

Using sage oil would definitely be beneficial in terms of relieving sore throat and coughs. It has antibacterial, astringent and antiseptic properties that can be used as a throat spray or to gargle. If pregnant or breastfeeding must avoid the usage of sage oil. It is usually used as spice in various foods recopies. You only need to dilute the oil with carrier oil in small proportions and use it as prescribed. 2-3 drops are enough for making it use in several ways to diffuse sore throat.



  • Frankincense Oil


The effective qualities of frankincense oil regarding to health benefits are exceptional. It has been used from an ancient period because of its effectiveness. It gradually contains an astringent, disinfectant and antiseptic property that helps in curing the sore throat from its bare roots. Along with which, it is also known for acting as a tonic that helps in boosting a person’s mere immune system.  It benefits in loosening phlegm and soothing coughs, by helping you to breathe without any sort of inflammation. Use 2-3 drops of the frankincense essential oils for sore throat as a vaporizer.


Thus, all of the above oils have various antiviral benefits that help in relieving various forms of colds and sore throats. With the nature’s touch, these oils have been in use since the ancient period, and due to which it holds the similar excellence now as well.


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