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How to Get Rid of Crickets in Your House: 6 Tips To Get Rid of Crickets4 min read


Especially in summer, big numbers of crickets show up in our house. Although they are not harmful when they appear in small numbers, they are disgusting. Crickets can reproduce to become a real pest capable of damaging many things in our home like clothes, furniture, paper products and many others. In such cases, you must learn how to get rid of crickets in order to protect your property.
However, many people in China and Japan saw crickets as pets who bring the good luck, but for me, I can’t bear seeing any on my sofa.

Did you know that female crickets usually lay approximately 200 eggs each time, but fortunately they take a long time to hatch, like a year. To get rid of crickets you need to know the secrets which we can destroy them completely.

Crickets Can Cause Serious Damages

Simply, anything made of plant materials is in big danger.

When crickets are found in your house in big numbers, they can cause some real damages by eating wool, linen, silk, and cotton and ruining your clothes, wool rugs, coverings and wood.

Simply, anything made of plant materials is in big danger.

How to Get Rid of Crickets

Let’s learn a few simple techniques to protect our house and get rid of crickets:

1- Use bug spray.

Bug sprays which are used to kill bugs, are capable of killing crickets too.

Additionally, if you can find an all-purpose spray or one made specifically for crickets, it would be even better to kill crickets.

Spray in corners, along windowsills, and wherever you expect to find them.

Remember that these sprays contain toxic chemicals, so keep them away from children and pets.

2- Set glue traps.

You can use sticky glue traps which are a better alternative of the chemical ones especially if you have children or pets. They are a safe way to catch crickets and last longer.

Just place the cricket traps next to the walls, corners, windows or doorways.

3-  Use a cricket bait to catch them.

you can use a chemical cricket bait to kill them

Using a cricket bait is the easiest method to lure crickets and catch them.

Put some molasses in a bowl containing water then put it near the crickets. As they love molasses, they will approach once they smell it and jump to the bowl.

Or you can use a chemical cricket bait and use it, but make sure to keep it away from your family and pets.

4- Remove the eggs.

As said before, crickets lay a big number of eggs which need a very long time to hatch. But,

if they lay eggs and hatch inside your home, it will be so difficult to get rid of them. So try to get them out before they hatch.

You can vacuum the area using with a vacuum cleaner with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter or spray them as most sprays
can kill crickets and eggs as well.

5- Remove bright lights at night.

Crickets are highly attracted to bright lights especially at nights, so if you have some strong lamps, then you might be luring them without knowing that.
Replace your bright lights with lower-light “bug lights” or amber LED lights which are designed specifically to not attract crickets and other bugs.

6- Allow natural predators to live in your house and garden

Avoid spraying your property with insecticides, because such sprays will kill the crickets and their predators

If you can’t kill them, get someone to do the job for you. Lizards and spiders are the natural cricket predators, so if you have a lot of crickets, allow these predators to live on your property for a while till they destroy the cricket population.
In this case, avoid spraying your property with insecticides, because such sprays will kill the crickets and their predators as well.
Additionally, cats and birds are also natural cricket predators, so consider having some.

Once you see one cricket in your house, expect to see others too, so consider following these tips to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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