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Moths are annoying, nasty insects which cause a serious problem when they stick to  our clothes, curtains and furniture. These moths actually have a good taste, as they prefer special textiles and garments like those made of luscious cashmere, natural fibers including silk, lambswool, shearling, feather, etc. Additionally, it is not easy to get rid of them and protect your clothes from their imminent infestation.


In this article,  we give you some tips to get rid of clothes moths and store your clothes properly:


1- Clean your wardrobe deeply

remove everything and clean your wardrobe most often

If you have undisturbed corners in your home which are dark and warm, you may find a lot of moths there, so remove everything and clean your wardrobe most often, hoover the corners drawers and wipe them with a detergent-soaked cloth. Then, wash or dry clean all your clothes, curtains and upholstery.


2- Keep your clothes clean.

The clothes which you wear must not be put with clean clothes in your wardrobe, as moths usually feast on human sweat and food particles then they move to the clean materials.


3- Store your clothes in garment bags.

When you want to pack winter clothes or summer ones, put them in zip-lock bags and line them with anti-moth paper strips. Moreover, to protect your drawers, line them in anti-moth paper and employ cedarwood sticks.


4- Check your vintage.

Vintage clothes need a special care, as you should dry clean them carefully before putting them in your closet to avoid any kind of infestations.

5- Cedar-wood hangers are a good choice.

Cedar-wood hangers are so useful as cedar wood naturally fight moths. So use them for hanging your clothes and expelling moths.


6- Use storage bins

To keep your clothes clean, store them in sealed containers like chests, plastic storage containers, suitcases, etc. to prevent the moths from reaching  them. You can also  put wool coats and suits inside garment bags.

Beware, if you have some wool sock which you wear in winter, get them out of your sock drawer during the warmer months to avoid the accumulation of moths.


7- Store Your clothes in a dry place

Store your clothes in dry places like the attic or under the bed, as moths are usually found in moist ones like the basement or the garage.


8- Wash and dry well before packing your laundry away

wash all your clothes, and dry them for enough time in the sun before packing them away

At the end of the season, make sure to wash all your clothes, and dry them for enough time in the sun before packing them away to kill ant larvae.

As a further deterrent, you can also iron the cotton garments.


9- Vacuum

Moths are highly attracted to dirt, so if you vacuum your carpets and baseboards regularly, you will prevent an infestation of moths and eliminate an existing infestation as well.

Furthermore, if you know that you already have an infestation in your house, change your vacuum bag regularly.


10- Freeze for 24 hours

If you find moths on  any piece of clothes, put it in a bag, close it tightly and freeze it for 24 hours to kill any active larvae.


11- Clean the dust.

Clean your wardrobe, especially the plastic hanging bags since plastic attracts dust, and dust in its turn attracts moths.


12- Be careful.

Be careful and always check your clothes and closets for moth holes. Furthermore, keep all the rooms well-ventilated as temperatures start to rise.


13- Use natural oil diffusers.

Use natural oil diffusers in your rooms and wardrobe as their great smell keeps moths away.


14- Try fumigation.

When all the above tips fail, you can try fumigation. Choose a good quality fumigation for  your house.


Home Remedies for a Clothing Moth Infestation

Getting rid of moths is easy by using moth balls and other store-bought products. However, most of us believe that using home remedies is healthier and more effective,

so let’s check some of the home remedies which proved to have amazing results:

1- Lavender

lavender keeps moths away

Lavender has a beautiful smell, but this smell can highly repel moths and many other kinds of insects.

To get rid of moths, fill some sachets with dried lavender, or some cotton balls dipped in lavender essential oil, and place them in your wardrobes, drawers, etc.


2- Cedar

If you have a closet made of cedar, then you are so lucky as it is an effective moths expeller. Otherwise,  just put some cedar chips or blocks in your closets and drawers.

Unfortunately, cedar loses its scent by time, so it won’t expel moths forever. Therefore,  you can apply some cedar oil on the cedar wood to get good results.


3- Cloves, thyme and rosemary

These 3 herbs can work individually or together to keep moths at bay for months. Therefore, just get a sachet  bag and fill it with one kind of them or more then put it among your clothes. Man likes the smell of these herbs, while  moths don’t, so they stay away from it. Remember to replace the herbs in the sachets whenever they begin to lose their fragrance (approximately after 6 months).

No need to buy these herbs from pharmacies, just get enough quantity  of them from any grocery to save money.


4- Mint

Another well- proven moth repellent is mint, particularly the dried mint.

Place sachets of dried peppermint in your wardrobe, or loose leaves between your clothes. You can also apply a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball, and put it in the corner of your wardrobe to get the same results.

When the smell of the sachets, leaves or oil  starts to vanish, replace them with new ones. Mint is also amazing to solve the problems of mice.

To sum up, lavender, cedar, mint and all the other mentioned herbs can prevent moth infestation, and help you  get rid of an existing infestation, so give them a try. Yet,  being natural doesn’t mean they are 100% safe, so make sure to keep these herbs and oils out of the reach of your children.

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