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How to Get a Higher Levels of Consciousness4 min read


On the day when you decide to leave all behind and begin a new life by all what you have and all what you think, and behave, you will be thoughtfully directing yourself into the higher consciousness.

You will begin the greatest adventure in your life, since your perspective of yourself, the world around you, your motive and your quest will be changed.

You have feared the unknown and asked yourself for many times, ‘Where am I going with all of that?’

Your mind will ask about what will happen, and your emotions will be stretched out of the limited ones you used to have, to expand to the universal love.

You may think that your decision was false, but all what you need and all what have been left for you is your courage, faith, and power.

As soon as you begin your journey, you will be experiencing many things and going through many realizations that you will never forget.

Here are some hacks to help you reach the higher levels of consciousness


How to Get Higher Levels of Consciousness

Achieve transcendence

When you experience the quite of night, or looking peacefully into the stars and the sky, you will ask yourself that all of this material world is nothing but a claim of energy, essentially a conscious energy that is essentially spirit, and that how much it belongs to a higher form of consciousness to make to itself a dense and a solid world like that.

This essence of consciousness reveals itself in the time, the space, and the external world that we can perceive and feel.

think of yourself, and what you want to become

This same essence is the primary and the essential reality of everyone and everything that exist. You will feel you belong to this cosmic energy as you are part of this big holy thing.

Once you realize that the physical world is nothing but an energy that changes the world around you just with the right application of consciousness,  you will notice how your thoughts, feelings, and actions change, because it is a playful energy that has an interplay with the whole universe.

  • Stay healthy

Watch your food; try to avoid chemical food or drinks, because it affects your mind and causes a mental block.

Doing exercises like dancing or running or anything that raises the endorphin levels inside your brain, making  you more energetic and empowered.

Stay healthy
  • Meditate

The most important thing in this process is meditation. because It helps you raise your consciousness and inner awareness to a great extent, in addition to its healthy benefits. Stay focused and amused.

  • Be with  people who are like you

Spending time with the like-minded people is the best ever.

Share your points of view and experiences that will enhance your understanding of the world.

  • Try to be an open-minded person

See life with an open mind and do not push the diversity beliefs

aside, but that does not mean to accept everything, since there is always a bright side in everything. Remember always to treat yourself and others in respect.

Improve your creative side, socialize, and be an open-minded person.
  • Improve your creative side

Creativity is essential in the process of reaching a higher consciousness, so  stay creative by improving your creativity; just do not stop it.

Sing, dance, write, sculpt or do anything that you find yourself in.

  • Let your fear go away

Fearing from the next moment or the future will ruin your present and  your future. Therefore, stop worrying about things that you cannot change. Living a life without any fear will expand your consciousness to a great level.

  • Follow your inner self

Try to imagine that you are giving advice to another person, listen to this voice and follow it, and always follow your intuition.

  • Open your chakras

Your chakras are the most important means to reach your inner self.

Work with it and you will see how it affects your energy, and how this energy always affects your life positively.

Let your fear go away, Open your chakras, and follow your inner self.

After trying to do many things and fighting a million time, every time you will experience a new level and a new perspective that will be added to your mind. Actually, this adventure has no limits, and the rewards you will get from connecting with your higher consciousness will be tremendous.


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