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How to Focus on Your Homework: Easy Guide, Check These 16 Tips5 min read


One of the major problems facing every student is how to focus on his homework. It is so hard to focus completely on your homework especially if you have many distractions around you, or thinking of many things at the same time.

To help concentrate better than ever on your homework and learn to strategize properly, we made this list for you.


How to Focus on Your Homework

Let’s check these 16 tips which can help us prepare for the next homework session.

1- Find a quiet place to work.

Its very important to have a quiet place to study in

Focusing on your homework in your living room with your brother playing and mother watching TV is almost impossible. If you need to focus on your homework, find a quiet place, and study in peace.
It is better to work in your own room, but any other quiet place can work.

2- Prepare everything you need to complete your homework before starting

It would be very helpful to prepare all your tools on your desk before beginning with your homework. Putting your pencils, books and notes is essential to concentrate on what you’re doing without having to distract yourself by going every few minutes to get more tools.

3- Eliminate all the distractions.

Put your phone in a different room to avoid distraction

If you want to focus completely on your homework, turn off all the distractions including the phone, laptop, Facebook, Twitter, TV or anything else which can distract you. If you’re trying to focus, put your assignment in front of you and nothing else.

Just in case you need your computer to find information, keep it with you but don’t use any social media platforms.

If it is hard to avoid checking your phone every few minutes, put it in another room and just concentrate on your assignment.

4- Put some music.

According to a recent study, you can improve your concentration and focus more on your homework if you listen to soft, instrumental music. Try this trick, it may works with you.

5- Keep your room clean.

keep your room clean and organized

tidiness is essential, clean your room or the place where you study before starting your homework. The cleanness provide a comfortable feeling which help you focus more.


6- Watch your diet

Before you study, put a glass of water, some fruits and a healthy snack beside you. In such case, There will be reason to leave your room if you get hungry.

Make sure that your snacks are light and healthy to get the needed energy without any difficulties in digestion. Remember that Junk food is not a good choice when you are working or doing homework.


7- Use a strong light in your room.

In order to study for many hours without hurting your eyes, it is better to use a good light especially the white one.

8-  Write a to-do checklist for your homework.

Such timings will help you stay on track and end your work on time

Organizing your lessons can help you do them all on time, so you can write out everything that you need to do in a checklist.
To be more organized, make a schedule including the period of time needed for each task, like Math homework from 4:00-5:00, English from 5:00-6:00, the science from 6:00-6:30, etc.

Such timings will help you stay on track and end your work on time.

9- Start with the hardest assignments

Start with doing a hard homework first which you don’t like, then go to the easier one, this way you’ll find the easy one amusing, and you’ll do it faster  .
Another way to study is to start with the most time-consuming tasks first.

10- Try speaking aloud.

If you can’t to focus, try to study aloud which can be helpful to keep your mind centered on what you’re doing without paying attention to any distraction.

11- Finish one task before you move on to something else

A recent study showed that multitasking temporarily drops your IQ as well as your cognitive abilities, so don’t switch from one task to another before finishing it.

12- Know when to call it quits.

If you have a lot of homework and you need more time to end it, try to never work longer than an hour or maybe two past your normal sleep time. Just go to sleep and wake up earlier at the morning to finish it up. If you can’t finish everything on time, change your plan next time.

 13- Take regular short breaks Instead of a long one

Its better to take 5 mins break every hour than taking a long break

Taking a break is essential to charge and continue your homework.

In this case, you have two choices; long breaks and short ones. Instead of having one long break for an hour, take a few short breaks like five minutes every hour.

Try to eat a small snack, stretch, pop outside for a walk, go to the bathroom, wash your face or do something active as it is important to not sit at a desk for several hours at a time.

14- Try  studying in group

Some people find it really hard to focus when studying alone in a room with all the books and papers. So, it is better sometimes to do your homework with other people like a group, and it would be even better to study outside as in an open place.

15- Reward yourself when you finish

A chocolate bar can work perfectly

When your work is done, you have to reward yourself with something. This will turn the idea of doing a hard homework to a competition to get the reward.

Anything could work as a reward, it can be a fun activity, treat, some leisure time or anything which usually motivate you to finish your tasks fast.


16- Choose your time.

To get the best result and to focus completely on your homework, you have to choose the best time to work.

Some people focus more in the morning, while others prefer studying and working in the evening.

If you are not sure which suits you more, try studying at different times and check when you can concentrate the best

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