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How to Find Things You Lost: Finding Your Lost Items Can Be Easy With These Tips3 min read


We all have many responsibilities to think about, and many duties to do everyday, so we can’t focus 100% all the day and remember every action and every detail. As a result, we forget to do some jobs, and we often lose objects like the wallet, necklace, medicines, etc. However, losing expensive or important items especially if we need it in the same moment would annoy us and drive us crazy.

Here are few tips which may help you find out what you’ve lost like doing a systematic search, retracing your steps, getting some help, etc.

After reading this article, losing your stuffs won’t be a problem anymore and you will be able to find out your lost items in a hurry.

Let’ start with Doing a Systematic Search. so follow these 4 simple tips to see how:

1- Calm down.

When you lose something like a wallet, Id, cell phone, etc., you simply freak out, which make it even harder to think, concentrate and find it. To get the best results, first you have to take a deep breathe then start looking for it.

2- Check its original place.

Begin your search in the spot where the item should be placed. Check slowly in every place where you usually keep the item without making a big mess.

3- Widen your search.

Keep widening till you find what you’re looking for

If you didn’t find anything, widen your search into a larger area. Keep widening till you find what you’re looking for.

4- Clean up the area.

If the room is a mess, it will be very hard to find anything. Therefore, clean up the area and throw away any clutter to find the missing item.


If it doesn’t help then you have to retrace your steps:

1- where you saw the item for the last time.

Remember where you last time you saw the item. Then you start to remember where you put it after that and where you used it.

2- Walk through all of the locations which you went to after using the item for the last time.

You have to go back to every spot you’ve been since you last had it, hoping that you just dropped it in some place.

Finally, if you still can’t find it, you may need some help to look for it

Calm down, its not like you are looking for a needle in a haystack

1- Ask your family, friends and coworkers

Sometimes, someone would have borrowed or moved the stuff without telling you, or he/she saw it in certain location. In such case, asking them will help you.

2- Visit the lost-and-found in public locations where you usually go.

Maybe you lost it in a public place like a store and someone found it and gave it to the manager. Then you can ask for it.

3- Post flyers for the lost item.

You can make a flyer describing the item with all the details, and put your contact info. If  someone found it and saw your posts, he can call you and give it back to you.


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