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How to draw Anime: Learn the steps and Go on3 min read


The word Anime which is pronounced “ah-knee-may”, is an abbreviated word that refers to animation. However, most people refer to the Japanese cartoon as anime. Japanese anime has many features that distinguish them from any other type of animated arts. Anime is way more colorful artwork, with dynamic characters and more of a wondrous idea.
This Japanese type of animation was first commercialized back in 1917. However, the emergence of the anime art only began in the 60’s. Since then this outlandish type of cartoon has been increasingly spreading all over the world.

Anime Eyes

All anime characters have very large, and affectional eyes.


Speaking about what really makes anime a completely different type of animation, is the fact that all the characters are hand-drawn. All anime characters have very large, and affectional eyes.
And there’s actually a reason why Japanese artists tend to draw that type of wide eyes. And that reason is to make the Anime look more dramatic with distinctive facial features.

How To Draw Anime Eye Step By Step

  • First, the space between the two eyes should be wide enough to even fit drawing another eye in between.
  • For drawing the basic anime face expressions, make the iris with a small portion of it will be covered by the top eyelid. and it’s slightly touching the bottom eyelids.
  • Draw smooth curves for the eyebrow. not so far from the top eyelids.
  • In the middle of the iris, draw the pupil
  • Then draw the anime eye reflections.
  • There may be more than one reflections depending on the sources of light in the scene. but most of the time will be only two sources of the light, one primary and another secondary. so we will draw 2 reflections in our anime eyes.
  • Start shading the eyes. you may shade all the parts inside the iris, except the inner parts of the iris as well as the reflection points.
    Most people prefer anime with grey or blue eyes.

Different edges and curves in the eyebrows and eye curves reflect different facial expressions.


How To Draw Anime Hair

All anime character have a pretty looking hair


Anime hair can usually be very tricky to get looking good. There are a lot of so different shapes and styles. Each of them may require special techniques in order to get it right. But, today we will give you the very basics for drawing the perfect anime hair in just a few simple steps.  Using the following basic principles will make you able of drawing any type or shape of anime hair.


  • First, start by drawing the head of your anime character.
  • Take a second to imagine how would you like your character hair to look like:


  • Where does it start?
  • Where does it end?
  • Is it pulled back or pushed to one side?
  • Will it have head bangs of any type?


  • Draw 2 light vertical lines to represents the nose and the eyes of your character.
  • Start drawing the details of your hairstyle. 
  • Shade the hair with a color that goes with the personality of your anime character.
  • Now you can complete any other facial features to your drawing.

There are countless ways in which you can visualize and draw anime in. The sky is your limit when it comes to imagination. So take the basic steps mentioned earlier and add your special touch to them. We will be waiting your beautiful works.

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