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How To Cut Your Hair Without Going to The Barber Or Salon3 min read


Looking handsome is not easy at all, but when it comes to cologne, shaving creams, lotions, shampoos, mask, detanglers, hair wax, and facial exfoliator, experts always suggest some tips and products to ensure amazing results.

Beside washing, scrubbing, moisturizing, etc, beauty won’t meet the image without the suitable haircut which frames the face. However, the question here is: Can we just follow the steps of the experts and cut it ourselves? To find out, we gathered some tips from one of the best celebrity hairstylists called (Jen Atkin), so let’s check out these tips, then together and learn how to cut  your hair without going to the barber or salon:

1- Get the right tools.

Using the right tools especially the small ones is easier to handle

First of all, you have to get the right tools to get the best results, for example use little cuticle-nipping scissors from CVS instead of big scissors, get a small-tooth comb instead of wasting money on expensive ones…

Using the right tools especially the small ones is easier to handle and minimizes the risk of doing big mistakes because they’re easy to handle. Additionally, make sure that your tools are clean and accurate.

2- Part your hair the right way/ Section off

Divide you hair at the outer edge of each eyebrow.

Hold the hair located the part down on both sides and comb them.

This is the same technique which hairstylists do before every cut, they wash your hair and part it into sections.

Useful trick: put a glass of Scotch on your hand to prevent shaky hands.

3- Start cutting around your sideburns.

You can be your own hair stylist

Comb your sideburns forward toward your face, then do the same with the hair near your temple.

In this sensitive step, you have to cut into it with the scissors perpendicular to the comb.

This is the easiest place to begin with as you do few cuts only and you can see your progress.

4- Cut into the comb.

Atkin gives her recommendations for this step as she says:

Pull your hair on the sides out using your comb then take a little scissors and nip at it.

Avoid a straight line, a blunt cut.

Cut into it and make sure that the scissors are perpendicular to the comb.

These steps will help you take away length and weight without risking too much damage.

5- Trim the top.

Now let’s work on the top. Pull the hair on top straight up and cut into it.

Make sure to begin with cutting a centimeter and then continue from there.

You have to work slowly and don’t be too bold as even small wrong cuts may be surprisingly noticeable.

Remember that you will have a big trouble if the top of your hair

6- Use a shaving razor or beard trimmer to clean up the edges.

Shaving razor can cut the edges with no mistakes

The tough steps are done. Now you just have to trim your sideburns with a shaving razor without making blunt cuts.

You can determine the length.

After you finish, make sure that the opposite parts are even.

Continue with the back and use a second mirror to check your progress.

The iPhone camera in reverse can do the trick.

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