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How To Clean Vinyl Floors : The answer is easier than you think5 min read

best way to clean vinyl floors

After installing your new vinyl flooring, everyone, even you, will be fascinated with its amazing look. However, keeping it clean and shiny requires providing your floor with the proper and regular maintenance.

For this reason, we are glad to tell you that cleaning vinyl flooring is an easy task if you just follow the right steps. So, let’s check the best ways to clean vinyl flooring which will indeed extend their life.

6 Steps for Cleaning Vinyl Floor

In general, most of the vinyl flooring products are water-resistant and can be easily cleaned, but with improper cleaning techniques, they may be at risk of certain damages. Therefore, you need to be very careful and use low-impact techniques to clean your vinyl flooring and keep the best look.

Here are the six steps for ensuring a complete removal of dust, debris, mud and so on without losing the brightness and longevity:

1-First Step: Sweep often

cleaning vinyl floors

First of all, you have to regularly sweep the floor to maintain a good appearance. Actually, at the end of the day, it would be great to sweep the floor in order to get rid of all the particles that could scratch your flooring. We are not talking about a complicated process, but just a quick sweep to remove all the particles which have been resulted from cooking, playing, dust, etc.

2-Second Step: Vacuum
You can plan to do a deep cleaning once or twice a week, and when you begin cleaning, start with vacuuming. Set your vacuum to “bare floor”, and make sure the vacuum will gently glide on your vinyl flooring.

3-Third Step: Use the appropriate cleaning solution

Although there are many alternatives like simple soap and water to clean vinyl flooring, people usually tend to follow the experts’ recommendations and use a vinyl flooring cleaner which is designed for this material to make sure that it lasts longer and keeps its beautiful appearance.

For guaranteed results, you have to buy the right cleaner. If these products are concentrated, make sure to mix them with the needed amount of water before mopping.

4-Fourth Step: Check your mop before using it

The mop which you are going to use on your vinyl flooring must be clean and in a good shape with the appropriate rectangular sponge.

Additionally, whenever you purchase a new sponge for your mop, don’t forget to rinse it before using it.

If you have a dirty sponge, don’t throw it away, you can clean it and use it again for many times.

5-Fifth Step: Mop

Mopping the floor normally using your cleaning solution would be so helpful. Wring out the sponge before using it on the flooring to avoid dumping too much liquid on the flooring.

Make sure to avoid scrubbing too hard to prevent any possible damage.

6-Sixth Step: Rinse and dry
This step is not essential especially for certain cleaning solutions. Some vinyl-safe cleaners can be left on the floor to air dry without rinsing and drying, while other cleaners need rinsing the flooring.

To avoid any confusion, read the instructions carefully on your cleaner before using it on your flooring.

Are cleaning vinyl plank flooring and cleaning vinyl tile flooring similar?

how to clean vinyl floors
You can use the same steps above to clean vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tile flooring as well. Although they look different from each other, and their installation techniques are different, they have many similar characteristics especially the steps of cleaning them.


Additional Tips to protect your vinyl floor:

Below are some additional tips which can be applied to all vinyl flooring:

1- Use good products

Many popular brands offer different kinds of floor cleaners, so you just have to look for the products which are safe to use for cleaning vinyl flooring.

Make sure that:

  • It is non-abrasive, or it carries a similar label.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • If the cleaner is concentrated, dilute it with water before using it.

2- Use the suitable alternatives of vinyl floor cleaning products
Regular mopping is essential to keep your vinyl floors clean and free from dirt and stains as well. For the best results, if you don’t want to use a solution formulated for vinyl flooring, you can try a mixture of water and vinegar which gives similar results without damaging your flooring, and it will look new.


3- Reduce water

cleaning vinyl plank flooring

First of all, we all know that most vinyl flooring are water-resistant, but this doesn’t mean that we can use a lot of water. When cleaning the flooring, you must keep in mind that being conservative with your cleaning liquids is essential as water can seep between the joints and cause damages.

4- Avoid heat

Moreover, steam mop and hot water are also harmful if they are used for cleaning your flooring, as heat can warp vinyl.

Instead, using a hand mop and warm water is enough for maintaining cleanliness and brightness.


5- Don’t drench your vinyl.

Drenching pieces of cloth and plates to remove hard stains may seem a good idea, but this trick will not work with vinyl flooring. Actually, it is very harmful as water will work its way into the cracks, seams, and edges. It may also destroy the glue bond that holds down the vinyl. So avoid too much water.

6- Use a doormat to keep out dirt and chemicals.

best way to clean vinyl floors

To keep out the greatest enemies of the vinyl flooring, dirt and chemicals, use a doormat. In such a case, all the chemicals from the asphalt which stick to your shoes will be removed when your shoes touch the mat.

7- Use protective feet to outfit your furniture and large appliances

Heavy items like tables and refrigerators occupy permanent places in your kitchen which may dent vinyl flooring. To avoid these dents, use floor protectors. Such protectors are usually found at hardware stores and home-improvement centers.

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