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How to clean up iron: Check these 4 home remedies to clean up iron4 min read


We all use tools made of iron in our everyday life, but things become more complicated when the iron is dirty or rusted. Iron is not a material which is used  in making just  heavy machines and bridges, but it is involved in most of our home equipments in certain ways.  A lot of home appliances are made up of iron even if this is not very clear and visible. Iron, vacuum pump, blender and many other tools are made from iron. Not only tools but also some clothes contain iron buttons and accessories.

When iron rust, we usually stop using it because it will become insufficient. Even clothes are thrown away because of it will rust them and maybe destroy them

We should keep our iron clean


In general, we all know that iron rusts due to the reaction between its surface and oxygen in the air. This would happen in only one single case; the presence of water or water vapor. This means that you can avoid the rust by drying your stuff after washing them as fast as possible. Use clean towel to do this, and you will retain your iron tools shiny and usable. In this case, you will not lose your favorite shirt because of its rusted buttons.


To help you get rid of rust, here I will give you some effective ways to clean up iron, follow me…


4 Ideal Tips To Clean Up Iron


1- First, Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most trusted supporters for many common problems we face in our everyday life. It has amazing cleaning benefits including cleaning iron as it reacts with rust and dissolves it completely.

Just soak the rusted stuff in white vinegar for a few hours then remove the rust with a piece of cloth, wire brush or sandpaper.

If you don’t have white vinegar, the normal one would be also great, but it may take longer time.


2- Try Lime or lemon with salt

we increase lemon effectiveness with salt

Lime and lemon are another effective, well-known cleaners to clean iron, but when we use them with salt, they become more effective.

Coat the rusted piece completely with salt then squeeze some lime on the salt. Use plenty of the juice and leave the mixture for two or three hours. When you see that the rust is dissolving, scrub the piece with the lime rind.


3- Put some Baking soda and water

Mix it with some water to form spreadable paste

Another useful component from your kitchen is baking soda.

Mix it with some water to form spreadable paste. Put the paste on the rust and let it for at least five hours. Scrub it off using a brush. All the rust will be eliminated.


4- Even Potato can do the trick

Cut the potato into two halves and dip one of them in the soapy water.

This may be unexpected and unknown way by many of us, but it is actually true. Potato contains Oxalic acid which can react with iron rust and dissolve it completely. It needs to be mixed with soapy water in order to get the best results.

Prepare a soapy water. Cut the potato into two halves and dip one of them in the soapy water. Rub the rusted tool vigorously with the soaped potato, add more soap every few minutes. Complete till the rust is diminished and the tool becomes clean again. Rinse it well with water and dry it to avoid rust again.

These amazing 4 ways are incredible to clean iron from rust and give you the best results.

The key to prevent iron rust is to keep your stuff dry and clean as water is the main factor in the oxidation process.

Additional incredible tips to protect iron from rust

For metallic stuff, use  qualified paint to set a barrier so that iron is protected from water and its reaction with oxygen. Add a primer to the paint to give more support and protection.

Now you have the clef to protect your metallic tools and clothes, so if you have iron, paint them to prevent the rust. And, if you already have something rusted in your house, get in your kitchen and clean up iron.

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