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How to be a pretty woman: 6 Tips to be a Pretty Woman4 min read


‘I am a pretty woman’ this should be your concept. Yes,why not? In general, all women are beautiful in a certain way. Being beautiful doesn’t mean the physical appearance only or having to meet all the standards of beauty stated by a certain organization or person .

First of all, you may have beautiful eyes, nose or mouth, or you may have the perfect length, weight or the body shape. On the other hand, beauty doesn’t depend on face features but on many other factors within your inner self .


Being attractive is one of the main goals of being beautiful, and if you want to be attractive, you must work hard to achieve it. You need to take care of your skin, your hair, your body and your health as well. Additionally, there are many other sides which you have to enhance too including your personality and self-confidence. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen your personality because it affects your beauty.

Today, people consider that the strong cultured woman is as beautiful as the one with the good look. You have to convince yourself that the beauty will come out of your heart and everyone will see it whether you have the good look or not.


6 Steps to be a pretty woman

Here we have a few steps for you to improve your outer appearance and show your inner beauty. We are sure that they will be helpful for you, so let’s check them together:

1- Sleep well

you should sleep for 8 hours at least each day

It is good to start with sleeping  as the first step of beauty because sleeping affects everything in our body and brain. If you don’t sleep well (at least 10 hours for teenagers and 8 hours for adults), you will get puffy eye bags and dark circles around them. Also, you will lose your concentration along the day.

2- Drink water, a plenty of water

Your body needs not less than 8 glasses of water. You have to drink only water not juice, coffee or any other drink. Anything other than pure water will not be counted as the body will not absorb them by the same way it absorbs water. This amount of water helps your body to get rid of toxins. Water also has its own magic to make your skin glow naturally.

3- Bathe everyday

water refresh your body

It is very important to clean up your body with water and soap regularly. Take a bath everyday or every couple of days to remove the dirt and get a clean, soft skin.

Moreover, make sure to scrub your skin at least once per week, and you will be shocked when you see the difference.

4- Be stylish

wear things that suit you the most

You should understand your body well and choose whatever suits you. Put on the fit clothes instead of wearing the ones you like. Makeup also provide a special beauty, so wear the makeup which suits the event; simple makeup during the day and hot makeup at night.

Cut your hair and use good products to get a healthy look. Use lotions to moisturize your skin and keep it smooth and glare.

5- Improve your confidence

a confident woman is as attractive as a pretty woman

Every day, after you wake up, wash your face, look at the mirror and say something nice to yourself. Stop comparing your look, hair or your body with anyone else whether you think he/she is better than you or not. You are beautiful and pretty, no matter how the others look like. Accept good compliments from people because this will increase your self-confidence, and don’t care for any negative opinion.

6- Show your inner beauty

Keep your lovely smile all the time. Be friendly with others and help everybody as much as you can. Show your love and express your respect to them. Tell your friends how pretty they are as it is also important to look for the beauty inside people.

This proves that you are beautiful and nice person.


Finally, there are two facts you should be aware of. First of all, you are what you think and not what others think. Second, if you see yourself as a beautiful person, others will see you the same. These two facts are very true and had been proved many times before by studies, statistics and personal experiences. When you feel that you are great person who deserve respect and good treatment from others, you will reach your goal and become pretty.

wear your smile every day and take care of your inner beauty

Additional Tips:

Just work on both sides, as you have to improve your internal beauty as well as the external one.

Make the previous steps a part of your daily routine and you will feel better. Ask for advice from close friends and let them help you.

Remember to be powerful and get ready to face life challenges.  

Now you Know how to be pretty, let’s start with doing that.

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