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How Long does Canned Food Last in a Good Temperature’s Place?6 min read

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How Long does Canned Food Last?

Yes, you read that right

How long do canned goods last?

We all know that we have to use all canned food before one year from what we call the “best before” date.

However, this rule was put to guarantee the high quality and not for safety purposes.

In general, the quality and nutritive value of the canned food start to deteriorate after about the one year mark on some items so you must try using them before a year, and prioritize those which has just gone over the year mark.

A statistic was made in Japan regarding the production volume of canned food from 2009 to 2014.

This statistic showed that approximately 3.14 million metric tons of canned food were produced in Japan in 2014, thus it is less than production volume of canned food in 2009 which was about 3.36 million metric tons in 2009.

Why we must not keep canned food for a long time?

We all know that it is better to use all canned food within in a maximum one year of its production to avoid losing its quality and nutritive value, but why?

There are many reasons for not keeping canned food for a long time, including:

  • Cans or metal lids on glass jars can rust

We usually buy many products packed in cans or glass jars with metal lids.

Overtime, this metallic substance will rust, and when the rust goes deep enough, you will observe tiny holes which may let spoilage agents in.

These cans can also be crushed due to shipping accidents.

  • Can corrosion

This cans contain food with different acid levels, so the food, especially high-acid food like canned tomatoes and fruit juices, reacts chemically with the metal container causing taste and texture changes and lowering the nutritional value of the food.

  • High temperatures over 100° F may ruin the canned foods

canned food

As the storage temperature rise, many changes happen like increasing the risk of spoilage, losing some nutrients, change in color.


Guidelines for storing Canned food:

If you are looking for the best process to store canned food, check our guidelines:

  1. Store canned food in a cool, clean, dry place
  2. Choose the temperature under 85° F (between 50 and 70° F is good) but not very low
  3. Use the oldest cans first
  4. Try to not keep the canned food for more than one year
  5. Use canned meats, seafood, vegetables and soup within 3 years of the date on the package
  6. Store high-acid foods like fruit, pickles and tomatoes for less than 2 years of the date on the package
  7. Don’t store canned fruit juices for more than 1 year
  8. Unless you observe signs of spoilage or damage, it is safe to eat the canned food. However, after a long time the foods may deteriorate in color, flavor and nutritional value
  9. Don’t eat the canned food if you observe any of the following signs
  • Loose or bulging lids on jars( for glass jars)
  • Bulging, leaking or badly dented cans
  • Any foul odor

Ten cans which live more

Stockpiling food is very important to be prepared all the time.

You may be able to plant and store your own crops, but sometimes you may need to have some cans for emergencies.

In general, everyone tends to store rice, grains and pasta, but canned food can also be stored for a long time, so take advantage of them as they can have an impressive shelf life and cheap price.

Check these Top Ten canned delicacies:

  • Hormel Spam

It has a good price and made from good quality meat.

Additionally, it’s a delicious chopped pork shoulder and ham as well as a very nutritious product to strengthen the body.

Spam can be eaten in many ways, either straight out the tin, sliced and put in sandwiches, fried, grilled, made as Spam kebabs, and many other delicious recipes.

  • Great Value of Chunk Chicken Breast

This can can be bought as diced chicken breast with rib meat which is cooked and packed in water.

You can eat it from the can, use it in a salad or add it to soups, stews, stir fry or curries.

This product is a great source of protein.

  • Great Value of Beef Stew

This can is a mix of meat, potatoes and carrots.. It’s inexpensive and fully cooked, so it can be heated or eaten cold.

Enjoy this great value beef stew with delicious seasonings, or mix it in foraged greens.

It is plenty nutritious with loads of fat, protein and energy.

  • Kirkland Roast Beef in Beef Broth

This Kirkland Roast Beef is more expensive than the Great Value stew, but a delicious and nutritious product made of premium beef.

This also can be eaten cold.

  • Hormel Chili with Beans

This tasty Hormel Chili with Beans can be eaten right from the can if necessary, added to rice, beans or even pasta.

This delicious chili has a decent amount of fiber, protein and energy.

  • Canned Tuna in oil

How long do canned goods last

In general, Tuna is very delicious, but canned tuna also tastes great ( very similar to the fresh one), and it has dozens of uses in salad, pasta, sauces and soups.

Additionally, it is a healthy product as it is a rich, beneficial source of protein and essential fatty acids, too.

If you gonna buy canned tuna, but that which is preserved in olive oil because it lasts longer and preserves the nutrients of fish.

  • Baked Beans

Baked beans are a good kind of vegetables which can be eaten at breakfast or a whole range of meals.

You can also add it to sauces, chili, stew, rice, pasta and even soups.

These beans contain loads of protein and fiber, as well as they are tasty and can be perked up with amazing, favorite seasonings..

  • Green beans

Green beans are a simple canned food. They are tasty, cheap and can be used to make different recipes.

You can either steam them as a side, drain and mix with dressing, you can also whip them to make a delicious salad, or add them to soups and stews.

  • Corn


Corn can be planted and stored for months; however, some prefer canned corn as it is ready for being eaten from the can or added to salads, chilli and soaps.

  • Diced tomatoes

Have you ever tried to involve diced tomatoes in your recipes? If not, then you have to give it a try.

You can use it instead of canned tomato sauce as it can be easily turned into sauce, by using a blender or forcing them through a sieve.
It is a delicious and beneficial product which last for a long time.


Eventually, when managing the cans in your kitchen, check all cans before storing them, and get rid if any can with a sign of damage as in such case, there is no need to take risks so just throw it away.

Additionally, keep the canned in a cool, dark place to avoid suffering from any major temperature changes, but don’t freeze the can as it could open up tiny gaps that let air and microbes in.

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