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Do You Have Flies In Your House? Check How to Get Rid of Them3 min read


Especially in the warm seasons, people suffer from flies and consider them one of the worst unavoidable nuisance. Flies are annoying creatures which cause some serious problems, so we try to find any available technique to reduce their presence.

Today, we gathered some of the most effective ways to get rid of them to help you, so keep reading and learn how to reduce their risk:

1- Use light traps to catch flies, especially large ones:

Seriously, UV light traps are ideal for catching many large species of flies and pest insects especially house flies.

These lights attract flies which are  trapped on a glue board or killed by an electric shock once they approach the light.

Place some light traps approximately 4-6 feet above the floor without being visible from the outside of your house to avoid attracting lure new flies into your home.
Make sure to use light traps in your house and avoid using the high-voltage outdoor bug zappers.

2- Use fly tape to catch flies.


Fly tape, or fly paper are another popular way to catch large numbers of adult flies. Purchase one or more rolls of this simple and effective fly tape and hang them up in areas where flies usually gather, but keep them away from the areas where you prepare and eat your food.

3- Use vinegar or wine traps to catch fruit flies.

A certain kind of flies, called fruit flies, is extremely attracted to red wine, apple cider vinegar and other fermented fruit products. So, you can easily catch them with some simple traps using wine or vinegar.

4- Swat flies with an electronic paddle swatter.

A normal swatter is good but the electric one is better

Another effective way to kill flies is using electronic swatters. Unlike the traditional ones, these kill flies and other insects instantly on contact. By this way, you don’t need to crash with the swatter and create any mess.
Although, electronic swatters are fairly safe, you can’t touch them as they can still deliver an uncomfortable shock. It would be better to keep them away from children.


5- Use Pyrethrin spray.

make sure to keep this product away from food

Pyrethrin is as popular as a  safe, effective and natural insecticide used to kill flies. You can spray the flies directly or just spray the doorways with pyrethrin. However, make sure to keep this product away from food or any food-preparation areas as it is harmful to humans if ingested or inhaled in large quantities.


6- Use insecticide fly bait.

Commercial fly baits are amazing treatment to get rid of flies. These baits are poisoned by the insecticidal ingredients, so the fly dies when it eat them. They come in different forms like pre-baited traps, pellets, or liquid solutions


7- Use essential oils to kill and repel flies.

Natural insecticides and insect repellents are found naturally within many kinds of plants. So, you can kill the flies using the essential oils of some plants (like basil, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint , etc.).

8- Grow fly-repellent herbs in your house.

This plant closes as soon as a fly land on it

As said before, the plants like basil, bay leaf, mint, rosemary, and lavender can help you repel flies, so plant them in your house to get benefit of fresh herbs and spices as well as repelling flies.


9- Keep your house clean

Flies are attracted to the food, drinks, bad smells, etc.

By keeping your house clean and healthy, you eliminate the factors which attract flies, thus you won’t have them in your home.


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