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10 Brilliant Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally3 min read

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It is reported that between 44 million and 46 million people smoke around the world.

Well, smoking is considered of the worst habit to be quieted.

There are many people who tried to quit in a different difficult ways, unfortunately found themselves failed at the first stage, keep trying in vain.

Fortunately, there are many natural ways which can help you Quit Smoking Naturally. It does not involve any harmful ingredients to your health, keep up with your lifestyle and you will find yourself quit smoking naturally and in an easy way

  • Make a few dietary changes

Some foods makes cigarettes taste horrible while others makes it taste very good and satisfying.

Foods like vegetables, fruits, juice, milk make it feels bad. So you can load up your diet with those helpful foods, in addition to its healthy benefits.

  • Eat sweet foods

When someone feels he is carving for a cigarette, he is actually carving for carbohydrates.

Grapping a small piece of cake or sweet will treat the situation and trick the minimal calories.

  • Strength in numbers

When it comes to quitting smoking it is preferred to getting support from smokers who proved that this way works and helpful.

These groups can be found in the hospitals when they asked to help.

  • Doctor-patient relationship

Doctors may be very helpful, a study shows that the more the patient get help from his doctor, the more the successful the thing you are doing.

Doctors know how nicotine affects your brain so they will give you the right tips to follow.

  • Image or inspiration

According to research from UNDNJ School of Public Health, post a photo of a smoking aging blackened lungs somewhere in your home so you can see it always and thus inspire you.

  • Hypnotize your habit

Hypnotizing is a certain way considered its effects from the best affective things that help people quit smoking. It depends on the person of how many session he\she need, just make sure to choose a skilled practitioner for a best results.

  • Self-message away your carvings

Many people smoke so just they keep their hands busy, so by doing this but in other ways you can simply get busy of more beneficial things than smoking.

  • Mindful meditation

The act of meditation itself is to relax, focus, and breath well. The University of Wisconsin had been looking after a large group of smokers, by giving them meditation exercises and a 45 minute each day of meditation, they found that after the session ends, 56 percent of longtime smoking were be able to quit it.

  • Change up your diet

Any plan to quit must have in it a colored fresh fruits and vegetables, it helps you smoke fewer plus its benefits of minerals and vitamins that you have lost with lighting up.

  • Hydrate

Drinking water is the best thing you can do to rebuild your body from the toxic build up of smoking, especially on the first days of quitting, keep your digestion ruing smoothly and re-hydrate your body after the drying effects of smoking.


Understanding exactly what happen inside your body when you are not smoking, is in itself a motivation.

For example, after 20 minute of your last cigarette without smoking, blood pressure and heart rate return to its normal levels.

After 12 hours, the toxic carbon monoxide leaves the body through lungs and blood regain its movement of oxygen rather than smoke.

After 15 days of quitting, your sense of taste and smell get back to action in order to clear the toxic build up I the lungs.

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