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Black Seed Oil For Weight Loss and Burning Calories3 min read


Traditionally, black seed oil was used in folk medicine to increase metabolism, treat digestive, circulatory and respiratory troubles and reduce inflammation.

Some of the illnesses which have been reported to be cured by black seed oil include asthma, allergies, bronchitis, flatulence, intestinal fungus, hay fever, premenstrual headaches and high blood pressure.

Among the many components of this plant, the best which makes it extremely beneficial to health are antioxidants.

Black seed oil for weight loss?

  • It’s rich in fatty acids, including oleic, linoleic and palmitic, which help push all the fat out of the body
  • It can also improve your digestion, helping your body utilize all of the nutrients properly and stimulate proper disposal of waste
  • It was also discovered that the ether extract of the black seed has an appetite-curbing effect
  • It can also help decrease blood sugar levels, which could lead to weight loss and improvement of overall health, which consequently reduce one’s cravings for carb-loaded and sugar-filled foods

A recent study conducted including 88 overweight women in Iran found the amazing effects of black seed oil on weight loss.

The women were divided into two groups and were observed for three months.

Each one of them received the same nutritional counseling and they were made to follow certain rules in order to decrease their food intake by 500 calories.

They were also made to eat yogurt twice a day, but the experimental group were provided with yogurt with three grams of black seed, while the control group were provided with none.

At the end of the study, based on the results, the women who were given yogurt with cumin powder lost more weight and have reduced body fat percentages by almost three times the amount the other group lost.

Furthermore, they also could lower bad cholesterol levels.

How to Use Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss?

Black seed oil weight loss

Some might find black seed oil a little hard to swallow, that is why a black seed oil weight loss recipe is actually created.

  1. Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil and a bit (1-2 teaspoons) of honey
  2. Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil, a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon, and a cup of water (use room temperature water for a better mix)
  3. Black seed oil fights not only the effects of obesity but also helps people through the strife to lose weight and achieve optimal health

How are black seed oil and weight loss tied together?

Black seed oil and weight loss are intertwined and interrelated due to its curing and preventative properties which target one’s body’s immune system that it makes it a supplement for many uses and purposes.

There are many studies which support Nigella Sativa (Black seeds) and weight loss.

Plus, when you want to pick a weight loss plan, always have your physician consultation upon it and take all the proper steps to fulfill those plans as well as do research on what can help.

In short, it is such a genius thing to use black seed oil for weight loss since it in one great natural way to get good quick results!

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