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We all feel the up and down, the ebb and flow of our daily mood, the daily rhymes that form our days. One of the basic things is the sleep- wake cycle, that is related to the sun cycle, this makes us feel sleepy when the evening hours come and wakeful when the sun rises. Now sleep- wake and other daily rhymes are part of our internal body’s system and it is the  biological clock which is housed deep there in our brains.


Researches find that the body’s clock is not only responsible for sleep and wakefulness, but it affects other systems like hunger, mental alertness, mood, stress, and heart function.

It comes out that the genes and biological factors that functions in our internal clock are effective on our body systems. It is hard to determine whether a disturbed clock in us leads to a health problem or it is the other way around.


Your body is running like a Swiss watch!!!


The idea of a biological clock is in itself a bizarre metaphor, but there is a clear cut brain region in our brain that is charged with keeping time, this area is called the super charismatic nucleus (SCN) and this area receives the gesture it needs to function   from the light in the surrounding environment. When there is a maximum energy and an activity in your body organs, the body clock reflects the times like below:

  • 5a m–7am colon
  • 7am–9am stomach
  • 9am–11am spleen
  • 11am–1pm heart
  • 1pm–3pm small intestine
  • 3pm–5pm bladder
  • 5pm–7pm kidney
  • 7pm–9pm pericardium
  • 9pm–11pm triple heater
  • 11pm–1am gallbladder
  • 1am–3am liver
  • 3am–5am lung

Biological and genetic disturbance and their affects on health:

Since the biological clock is a biological essence, things can go wrong or disturbed sometimes, and this may have less to do with the environment or the lifestyle. That means there is more to the clock effects than just turning our sleep cycle around.

  • The rhymes of the heart

Although the heart can keeps time by itself, but it also relies on the brain’s biological clock for gestures. Many researchers and doctors have found that heart problems like fatal arrhythmia are more likely to occur at a certain times of the day, in the early mornings or in the evening hours. Also taking blood pressure medications seems to improve its effect because it works with the body’s circadian rhymes. The reason for this has been lately become clear, because of the genetic factor involves in the rhymes of the brain’s clock that also had been proven that it control the electrical activity in the heart.

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