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how to stay organized

How to Stay Organized in many aspects of your life?

Why does this matter?

let’s find out

Life can be a mess without any kind of organization although people’s nature differ; that is, there are people who just do not like the very word of organization!

However, we do not mean by “organization” that typical image of a very neat and tidied up room or whatever.

We mean by “Organization” your brain order and the certain aspects linked to it since everyone has got their own style and attitude towards many things in life!

Organization should be more of ‘individualized’ than ‘programmed’ with some general basics.

Therefore, in our article, we are going to cover some certain aspects of organization whether at work, at college, in school or in life on a wider level.

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How to stay organized in school?

  • Get some basic supplies that everybody needs

You should get pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, binders, loose-leaf paper, highlighters, spare lead if you use a mechanical pencil, etc.

Although it is often that your teachers will give you a list of supplies needed at the start of the year, but bring a few things like a pencil and some paper for the first day in case you’re not certain exactly what to bring and what is required for the courses.

  • Develop a system for your binder(s)

Your teachers may want you to get big binders, but others might not mind it that much.

Therefore, find what is adequate to you and use it for whatsoever classes you have a choice in.

Make sure that you have pockets or sections in a binder for everything you have.

Your teacher may want you to have a section for each part of class, so make sure that you have the space for the separate things so that your notes wouldn’t be squeezed.

Getting a binder for every class might not be the best idea.

What if you have no homework except for a few worksheets? Why bring all of them home?

Therefore, combining each 2 related subjects into one larger binder by using dividers can be of great use and a very helpful idea.

In order to make it easier, you can buy an accordion binder which has dividers in it.

  • Make sure you have spare lead/ink for pencils and pens

You can bring a portable pencil sharpener, yet that may not be of great necessity since most teachers generally have pencil sharpers available for you to use.

You can also get a pencil sharpener for your house, but bring 3-5 pencils to class.

Moreover, make certain you have a spare pen in case you run out of ink because it happens very often.

Plus, get a pencil holder to put in your locker if you have one.

You can also put some extra pencils/pens in there so that if you need an extra and you don’t have one, it’s in your locker.

  • Clean out your folders at least once every quarter

You can start with recycling anything you have tested on or covered already.

As it is usually known (especially in middle school), the topics in a class will last only a week or two as long as the teacher does not specify to keep a worksheet; if she does, then just copy the information needed into your notebook and recycle the worksheet after that.

How to stay organized in College?

  • Buy a planner/calendar

Planners nowadays cost like $10, so just buy one because even if you are smart you have to use it many times a day per day of the term.

Your planner is like your third arm, which you can never forget about.

Plus, it is paid off because once you have it you will never turn in an assignment late or forget about an exam.

Moreover, you should bring it with you wherever you go because a planner won’t be that helpful if it is not around when it is needed to write something in it, for instance.

Last but not least, you will never miss an important date, if you always bring it with you.

  • Do your most important task first

When the most important task of your day is crossed off, then you’re always prepared for the big one.

That is highly compared to doing the least important tasks but not being organized for the make or break assignments.

Still, that is a very good step to stay a little composed and more organized.

  • Invest in a dry erase board

Dry erase boards are perfectly used for reminders and also for revising before an exam.

Plus, these boards are of good duration which is enough to last you four years of college. (The markers will need to be replaced.)

  • Make your exam dates visible

It is surely up to you how you actually do this—dry erase board, planner, post-it notes—but it makes it safe that you won’t make a dumb exam mistake like showing up late to the test.

If you study following the Chip Away Strategy, you will also have an idea in mind of when you need to start studying.

  • On holidays, write down all the big things you need to do next week

Those days are the best to plan ahead for the next week.

Because by writing down the big tasks, you can know what expectations coming up, so you can build on them. Plus, there won’t be any last-minute surprises or any kind of bad shocks.

Furthermore, it would be in your benefit side since you would be more concentrated, more prepared and more excited!

  • Color code

Another small thing students can do to stay organized is really simple: color code your stuff.

Having a different color notebook, folder, etc, for each of your classes will be helpful and refreshing.

It does not only save time, but also it helps you to be able to recognize your stuff while searching for them in the morning, so you won’t be late!

How to stay organized at work?

  • Try not to multitask

This might seem counterproductive, yet it’s actually the correct way to work.

If you are entirely only focusing on one task at hand, you will actually complete it much faster and better than working on multiple projects at the same time; concentration would be missed and messed.

According to an Entrepreneur article, University of California information scientist Gloria Mark found that it takes an average of 26 minutes to recover from trivial interruptions; it sounds insane when you really think about it, though.

Moreover, trying to plan out your work day so you won’t be under the pressure to complete two assignments at once.

Plus, you will feel less stressed out and more confident in the work you are trying to produce.

  • Make sure to take breaks

For most Americans, they actually feel guilty taking breaks throughout their work shift; why would they feel so?

It is a natural process anyway! As a matter of fact, thinking of ‘if and when we do’, is just a waste of time during the day work, so you wouldn’t be able to complete the mountain-size load of work.

However, it is really of great importance to take that 30-minute lunch break to keep sane and organized.

In ‘One Thing article’ that references David Levitin, a neuroscientist and author of The Organized Mind, states that taking a break actually allows one to daydream; as a result, he would be in more ease since it frees your brain of any work impurities and transcends your mind to be more open and might actually give you such a powerful increase in production.

  • Turn the notifications off on your phone

This might seem illogical, but notifications are pretty distracting, especially when you are at work.

It automatically makes your mind have major FOMO, and disturbs your focus while having a task at hand.

Due to an article in The Atlantic, a new study from three researchers at Florida State University found that just by receiving a notification is just as distracting as responding to a text message or a phone call.

The study was conducted for 150 students to complete a test where the first time they took it when they didn’t get notifications; however, in the second time, when notifications were turned on, they did not.

Therefore, it affects the student’s performance.

  • Make sure your desk is clean

An organized and clean desk will always look pretty and comforting for the eye; plus, you will know where everything is set.

However, on a higher level, it will keep you completely organized with your mind, your plans and tasks.

According to an article on Forbes, a report by OfficeMax found that office chaos and disorder undermines productivity and motivation.

“Your performance coincides with your Workspace,” said Dede, “When it’s organized and precise you have the mindset and motivation to work.

” If you are stressing out about your desk, you cannot really concentrate on the work that is in front of you.

  • Organize your incoming info

Most email programs give you tools to manage your email and reduce pother.

This article will show you how to use them, so you can get your email under control and avoid the email collapse.

When your desktop is cleaned up, it might still seem like a losing battle to keep it clean.

However, you can keep the paper flow on your desk from getting out of hand.

How to stay organized in life?

How to stay organized in life

  • Build priorities

Choose what you want to do depending upon 3 elements which are; time, necessity and urgency.

Plus, choose to focus on the things that will make a significant difference-an impact- in a few months or a few years instead of wasting time and energy on being upset about those little things which are compared to the previous—trifles, which you won’t remember in 10 minute’s time.

  • Eat this, not that

Make time to eat properly, so you start first to quit calling a candy bar or yogurt a meal and start eating to empower your body.

Sugar gives you a quick burst of energy; therefore, you better choose to feed on foods that will keep you full and energized all day long.

Moreover, isn’t it time to be a grown up and actually eat meals instead of slight snacks throughout your busy work day?

  • Me o’clock

You should block out at least an hour for yourself from the schedule.

However, do not spend it doing favors for others and do not use it to check your to-do list.

All you have to do is to sit down and beat your high score, take a nap, paint something, meditate, do sport or do whatever.

Plus, stop making excuses.

If you are bustling all day long, break up your hour into 20 minute segments and do something unrelated to your work during your day.

  • Get quoting

A quote book can help you look for some purpose in your day.

Language has such an impact on the human brain which is apparently made of a linguistic system; therefore, it responds easily.

Furthermore, you will pay better attention to the world around you and you will be a better listener when people offer advice.

In addition, read more so that you live more outside of your own life for a minute.

Quotes are inspirational!

  • Sleep more

You should get enough sleep.

Taking on more responsibilities to working towards a new job is useless in case you are not physically and mentally up for the task.

Plus, get a water bottle and watch out how much you should drink per hour.

You should also turn off all electronics an hour before bed so that you get some decent sleep.

You’ll be ready for what life can throw at you if you are well rested and healthy and your brain will be on its fullest concentration.

All in all, getting yourself organized is not an easy task; however, it is not impossible.

To sum up, “Organize, do not agonize.”― Nancy Pelosi.

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