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7 Best Teeth Whitening Ways to Do at Home Everyone Should Know3 min read


Over time our teeth get yellow by many causes like age, food,drink and tobacco etc…

So if you ask anyone what they would most like to improve about their smile, the most common response is going to be “a whiter smile”.

Seriously, how do you whiten your teeth?

then what are the whitening options we can do at home? Here are some available choices we have:

1.The lemon-soda method

lemon actually used to bright the dark spots, as for the baking soda it is the opposite acidic and also it will lessen the acidity and the concentration in the lemon juice.

In a small ball, make a small mix of equal mix of baking soda and lemon juice, a more baking soda or more lemon juice if you have to, you should have a paste like consistency.

So use it quickly and brush your teeth with it, leave it on your teeth for one minute or less, no more than that, because the lemon is acidic and leaving it too long is not good.

Then just take that out and brush your teeth with toothpaste as usual, but before you do it with fifteen minute before brushing, I recommend you do not use it too much, like once a week, because the lemon is acidic and it is not so good.

2.The toothpaste and lemon paste

Take half paste of the toothpaste and the other half of lemon, mix it up, and then with your finger you can rub that all on your teeth. You can leave it for a minute, and this method is recommended for once or twice a week max, and then when you see it after, you never realize how bad yellow teeth are until you whiting them.

3.The lemon and the water method

Using half of the spoon a lemon juice and the other half the water, never use the lemon juice on its own, all what it does is killing the mouth bacteria and province oral diseases, do not use it directly on your teeth because it is very acidic. Take a small piece of cotton and rub it on all your teeth, leave it for five or ten minutes, then brush your teeth as usually, you can use this method once or twice a week.

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