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7 Best Essential Oils for Sleep – Based on Studies3 min read

Essential oils for sleep

We all get through times of lack of sleep; we do not actually know what to do and we get lost using many different pain-killers and soothing pills. It is all chemicals!

Have you ever wondered if there are any natural cures?

Well, there are actually natural cures which are considered better than chemicals;

For instance, oils.

They truly help you to sleep better and reduce the possibility of having Insomnia.


Essential Oils for Sleep

  • Lavender

essential oils for high blood pressure

Lavender is well-known for its relaxing and calming influence on the body.

It is actually safe to use on all ages–babies through adults.

Plus, concerning getting healthy and enough sleep, this oil is also a great method to freshen up laundry and fragrance your home without harsh chemicals or synthetics.

One study has shown that the frequent inhalation of lavender improved sleep qualify of 56 ICU patients.

  • Frankincense

essential oils for high blood pressure

Frankincense oil is actually the perfect oil for balancing emotions, supporting healthy sleep, calming your mind and enhancing your body’s natural response to healing.

When someone is scared of spiders, this is the first oil you can reach for.

When your mind does not shut off at bedtime, it is also the first oil you should get.

  • Cedarwood

essential oils for high blood pressure

Cedarwood oil is such of great effects, and it works very beautifully.

It is an essential oil which supports healthy function of the pineal gland that releases melatonin—the body’s natural sleepy hormones.

Plus, it has a charming special woodsy scent.

In case you aren’t keen on the smell, just mix it with lavender and put on the bottoms of feet.

Then you can wear socks and have a good night.

  • Ylang ylang

essential oils for high blood pressure

Ylang ylang actually means “flower of flowers.” From a historical point of view, the ylang ylang flower has been used over centuries to cover the beds of newlywed couples on their wedding night.

This powerful oil aids to balance male and female energies, enhances focus and restores peace.

It is such a delight to diffuse 30 minutes before bedtime and throughout the night.

  • Marjoram

Essential oils for sleep

Marjoram oil is a steam refined from leaves and it’s known as the “herb of happiness” to the Romans and “joy of the mountains” to the Greeks.

It is extremely soothing; plus, it is such a good relaxation for the nerves.

Just apply about 1-2 drops of this oil straight to the back of your neck below the hairline and you will definitely get great results concerning your sleep at night.

  • Vetiver

Essential oils for sleep

Vetiver is one of the best essential oils; it is originated from the roots of the plant, it smells very rich and earthy.

based on study, it is another wonderful oil for sleep since it is psychologically grounding, calming and stabilizing.

It might take you a little while to get used to the smell; therefore, in case you are a vetiver newbie, mixing it with a floral or citrus oil, such as lavender or bergamot can reduce its scent.

essential oil for headache

This oil is used for centuries by mothers in order to calm their children, for it is perfect for restlessness and anxious feelings.

Plus, it is highly recommended for all ages.

Moreover, it gives your skin a light, has a floral scent and is amazing for creating a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.


In short, using oils especially those we mentioned is very healthy and makes you more stable and settled.

Plus, it actually creates such a beautiful domestic atmosphere within yourself and at home!

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