Alcohol Withdrawal
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Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is one of the dangerous habits. It leads to many problems physically, mentally, psychologically, and even socially. Not to mention, it is a curse, and Harvard School even calls it "both a tonic and a poison" depending on dose. In this article, you will learn the top disadvantages...

A New Perspective of Yourself; Meditation and Yoga

What do you know about Meditation? Meditation is a sharp technique for resting your mind and reaching a certain level of deep awareness and a state of consciousness by experiencing the core of it and heading to the center within ourselves. But wait – there’s more Meditation does not belong...
how does music affect your mood

How does Music Affect your Mood and Make you Happier?

From the drumbeats of our ancient ancestors, till the biggest festivals and concerts nowadays. Music is considered to be the integral part of human experience. So how does Music Affect your Mood? Researchers have searched for the possible therapeutic and the benefits of music through Centuries. But what makes a...
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Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory in a nutshell

 What is The Short Term Memory? The short term memory is the part of the memory system where the stored information is roughly stored for 30 seconds. The information could be stored for a longer time by techniques such as rehearsal, to keep a certain information for a longer time....
Foods that raise blood pressure
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10 Brilliant Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally

It is reported that between 44 million and 46 million people smoke around the world. Well, smoking is considered of the worst habit to be quieted. There are many people who tried to quit in a different difficult ways, unfortunately found themselves failed at the first stage, keep trying in...

Patience in Just 5 Easy ways that Will Impress You

Aside from they are unwelcomed stresses in our lives, still there is another logical answer: They are all situations where we can use a little extra patience. " We live in a world where we can get anything we want." Says Mary Jane Rayan, author of the Power of Patience....
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