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Reaction time and How to improve reaction time

We can say that the reaction time is the time between a stimulus and the person's response to this stimulus. Why we need to improve reaction time has many answers, regardless of whether you need to guarantee safe driving in poor conditions or enhance your response time in an aggressive...
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Swai Fish: A special kind of fish you don’t know

Swai fish is a freshwater type of fish that is edible. It has a flaky texture and a light not-so-fishy flavor. It also goes by the name of Vietnamese catfish as it's originally grown in Vietnam. Others may confuse a swai fish with other similar types like the iridescent shark...
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How to whistle: Learn These 3 ways for Whistling

Whistling appears to be an effective mean of communication between people. We whistle for many reasons, like getting someone’s attention in a crowd or looking for more enjoyment at the party. However, regardless of what the reason is, it is crucial and beneficial to learn how to whistle. Additionally, before...
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The amazing properties of Flaxseed oil

Known to be the best and richest (50-60%) vegan or vegetarian source of Omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid), which tremendously benefit the heart and cardiac system, flaxseed oil is a blessing for people who shun one or more animal-based products. Also known as linseed oil, this oil is a rich...
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How to get rid of roaches?

The traditional way to eliminate the presence of roaches is using toxic chemicals which kills these insects in no time, but these chemicals are poisonous and may cause certain health problems which may be mild or severe. However, there are some natural ways to kill roaches, these techniques may need...
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