5 creepy symptoms you have to be aware of depression and how to deal with it2 min read


What is depression and how can you define it in a nut shell?

The first thing you need to know that depression is a treatable illness but you have to fight it and never give up, it causes a bad constantly feeling and loss of pleasure in doing daily life’s routines and tasks, here are 5 symptoms you need to be aware of if you are healthy mind or not.

First of all you have to know that human being is a moody creature by the way, however symptoms can be various from one to other, but if it lasts for a long period and affect your life, then maybe it’s time to fix it in the right way.


  • Loss of interests in your daily life activities

You may lost interests, stay at home and be passive all the time, don’t want to talk or meet with new people, feeling loss of appetite or what be called “anorexia” in medical terms.

  • Little sleeping or otherwise

Facing troubles in sleeping or anxiety in the afternoon trying to take a nap or at night when you go to bed or you may have insomnia or excessive sleeping, it all depends on the kind of depression and differentiate from person to person.

  • Feeling tired all the time (Fatigue)

Once you trying to get up from your bed feeling like exhausted, don’t have energy or enthusiasm to do simple daily routines.

  • Frequently loss of your concentrating

Simple tasks like watching TV or reading a book could be hard to keep focus, details are tough to be remembered and making a decision too.

  • Thoughts of committing suicide

Desire to commit suicide, feeling hopeless, worthless and headaches.

So how can you heal yourself collaborating with your therapist?

In the first place, don’t give up whatever circumstances you have been through, life is full of beautiful things as well as bad ones.

Secondly, the urgent need to change your lifestyle, getting into good habits, eating healthy food including a lot of fruits and vegetables, live your life in an easy way trying to avoid stress in work or at home, taking prescribed drugs as scheduled by your doctor and don’t stop your medicine without your doctor knowing. Make sure to take a comfortable night sleep.

Thirdly, be honest and open up with your doctor, together you maybe come up with a good formula to get over depression, walk with someone you feel relieve with or positive one.

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